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Miss Teacher

Miss Teacher

Miss Teacher follows the life of, Nwanne, a pregnant secondary school teacher, fondly called "Miss Teacher" by everyone around her. Regardless of the struggles of her own life, she tries to do everything within her power to sec...



I am sick and tired of watching of four parts of a movie , all an hour. Sick and tired. Surely the first mark of a sophisticated film is that it has only one part. No matter how bad a film, that the filmmakers have condensed it...



I straight up did not like this movie. Not because of any elements that it exhibited, however good there were, but because of its social commentary. This is not a new film, I have watched it so many times, and while some parts ...

my diva

My Diva

In the TV series 24, the story is written in a way that each episode is one hour in the characters’ lives. Looking at the synopsis of this movie, I felt excited and intrigued. A diva’s life, surely it will be juicy and inte...

my lovely princess

My Lovely Princess

There’s such a thing as misleading advertising in order to trick the audience to purchase your product. Then there is that unfortunate breed of misleading advertising that can hinder the progress of your product indirectl...

Chika Ike

Cry of a Maiden

It’s hard to hate a movie that is the answer to your prayers! Those who have seen the movie might begin to wonder ‘what prayers?’ Let me rephrase. After seeing so many pointless gigolo versus babes movie upon...

secret act

Secret Act

What does one expect from a movie starring Chika Ike and Emeka Ike? Most people by now understand that asides from their last name, both these actors share an extreme incapacity to act. So why would one even press play on this ...


Breath of Love

It's a nice story with an amazing moral that teaches a life lesson, but it's a boring overly prolonged with too many unnecessary scenes. Now if you could take that amazing moral, cut out any scene that is irrelevant (which woul...


Tears For Lisa

To state it simply, many people in this movie could not act. Most were just floating with their roles.

minute of silence

A Minute Silence

I perceive that Afe has big dreams but he just doesn't know how to go about achieving them. He needs to pay more attention to detail and stop rushing through scenes.