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street angels

Street Angels

This movie is the perfect antithesis to “A Night with the King“. It is everything that movie wasn’t, coherent, interesting and novel.It does the evil Queen thing right and more. These people knew what they were do...


Restless Soul

Restless Soul is an appealing movie that would have been even more appealing if they knew what they were doing. The movie tells the story of a young boy from a poor home who goes on to become an apprentice for a wealthy man in ...

my diva

My Diva

In the TV series 24, the story is written in a way that each episode is one hour in the characters’ lives. Looking at the synopsis of this movie, I felt excited and intrigued. A diva’s life, surely it will be juicy and inte...

diamond kingdom

Diamond Kingdom

Diamond Kingdom is probably one of Frank Artus’ best performances, at least the first part was, and this coming from a staunch anti-Artus advocate - if there’s such a thing.  The movie, as summarized by the Igwe c...


Action King

Just when you think someone on the other side must have also realized by now that Nollywood has exhausted all possible ‘royal’ movies, they come out with ‘Action King’. The dominant question while watchi...

bank job

The Bank Job

..some other things that didn't make sense like *SPOILER ALERT* how did Empress' character know that a kiss would return his memory? What is this, snow white?

minute of silence

A Minute Silence

I perceive that Afe has big dreams but he just doesn't know how to go about achieving them. He needs to pay more attention to detail and stop rushing through scenes.

Twins on Fire 3&4

Twins on Fire

Somebody please gbagbuo (shoot away) this Zubby kid and his so called acting. Whilst you are at it, strike down Chacha's horrible fake accent.



It’s one thing to have a good story, it’s another thing to hold my attention long enough for me to realize that you have a good story line.

stolen will

Stolen Kiss

-Story: [3 out of 5] Taking the story as what it is and forgetting the fact that a million and one other people have made (not different deviations) but the same exact movie a million times over, I am forced to acknowledge that...