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if tomorrow never comes

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If Tomorrow Never Comes is the journey of a girl that's told in hindsight. Hence, from the beginning we at least have the consolation that even if it is a series of unfortunate events at least it ends well. The girl was found d...

devil in a dress

Devil In A Dress

This was one of those movies where you hit play on but cannot find the motivation to continue to watch. The story is played out - or so it seems at first glance. The cast consists of the usual culprits and the trailer, synopsis...

sisters at war

Sisters at War

Somewhere along the lines in the attempt to be too different from everyone and everything else, this movie lost me completely. Sisters at war is the story of two sisters – Jackie Appiah and Okawa Shaznay – who are ...


Cheaters Book 2

There are useless movies and there are useless movies and then there is this movie. After the first few minutes of the second in the “cheaters” series you are begging to be rescued. Making it past the first ten minu...


Cheaters Book 1

Frank Rajah’s recent offering, Cheaters, is nothing that you did not already guess it will be. It follows that cliched all men-all women cheat formula to the Tee, and tops it off with little to no originality whatsoever, ...


House of Gold

This movie is not going to change the world, the movie is not going to move mountains but it's going to make for quite an entertaining evening and a fun watch. The story behind 'House of Gold' is nothing spectacular, misplaced ...


5 Brides

Nowadays, it seems that all of the production houses I had originally thought could do no wrong are trying as hard as possible to prove that wrong. From the cover, synopsis and intro, 5 brides is a movie that appeals to all you...


Deadly Affair

"Don't be fooled, Diane! We're just another married couple trying to iron out our differences" - Majid Michel



-Story: [3 out of 5] Usually, when I see a movie like this (i.e directed, produced, written by and acted in by the same person) warning bells begin to ring in my head because I just don’t see how one person can do EVERYTH...