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bloody night

Bloody Night

I’m not really enamoured with this new practice of making viewers wait days before releasing a direct sequel. I can understand the reason for the decision but all it does is make the movie appear disjointed. Instead of judgin...

message to mary

Message To Mary

This movie is based on a very old song by the Everly brothers so it loses all the points for originality. It’s even called the same thing as the song. The song is really old and does have a good story to it. However the movie...

daddy's girl

The Baby

I am very vocal about my love for Ruth Kadiri films, they are very well put together but not without their flaws. Anyway I saw this movie, was intrigued by how original it was and started watching. Halfway through I was convinc...

my diva

My Diva

In the TV series 24, the story is written in a way that each episode is one hour in the characters’ lives. Looking at the synopsis of this movie, I felt excited and intrigued. A diva’s life, surely it will be juicy and inte...

diamond kingdom

Diamond Kingdom

Diamond Kingdom is probably one of Frank Artus’ best performances, at least the first part was, and this coming from a staunch anti-Artus advocate - if there’s such a thing.  The movie, as summarized by the Igwe c...

Ruth Kadiri

Wild Heart

Wild Heart tells the story of three fortunate prostitutes and their journey from ashawo to wives (hence the title of the sequel, ‘heart of a wife’). A bit exaggerated in some parts, and stretched out more than it ne...


Trapped in the Game

It seems like he's playing the same roles over and over again (especially for his Made in Ghana movies) and in the movies that he doesn't play the same role, he is not being stretched much. So I probably shouldn't say he is a p...



If I were to describe the storyline (and I use that term veeerrrrryyy loosely) behind this movie in one word, it'd be 'unrealistic'.


Throne of Grace

-Story: [1 out of 5] This movie drrrrraaaaagggggggeeeeed sha and then it dragged some more and after that it dragged again and again and again. Some movies just seem like a chore to watch is all I have to say. But I guess to so...

die with me

Die With Me

It was actually a really good storyline. It was entertaining. The four hours didn't even seem like much, to be honest. It wasn't bad except it was really dramatic. I'm not talking ghen ghen dramatic, I'm talking Shahrukh Khan, ...