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Confusion Na Wa

Confusion Na Wa

After watching this movie I let it marinate for a couple days before writing a review. “That’s just how deep it was?” you ask? No not really, I wanted to be able to separate the hype from the movie. And after ...

Last Flight To Abuja

Last Flight To Abuja

Watching so many Nollywood movies has taught me one thing: "go in with as little expectations as possible if you intend to leave happy" and that's exactly what I did, and I did leave happy thank you very much.



'Hamza' was the first Hausa movie I ever saw (and last) and I'm not certain it really counts as an Hausa/Kannywood movie because most of the dialogue was in English, but for argument sake, let's call it an Hausa movie.

never love

Never Love A Prince

We've seen this story before. We've seen it numerous times over. Thankfully, the other versions were better than this one (I don't remember any specific one, but I'm pretty certain it would be quite the task to beat this movie...

the marshals

The Marshals

For once, I have seen a movie in which Emeka Ike (and his character) excel. He did his role justice... well done! Ali Nuhu was the opposite of Emeka for me... not so enthused about his acting in this movie. Honestly, what was t...


Two Can Play the Game

-Story: [0 out of 5] Not to offend anyone who thought the story was amazing and interesting, I thought the story was…. stupid and unnecessary and needed not be told. Apparently Yul’s character is playing games with ...

princess throne

Princess Throne

-Story: [1 out of 5] The story was poor. The story was (forgive my grammar) shitty. It was too forward, I mean Ini Edo touches a car that Ali Nuhu is in and Ali Nuhu comes out; Ini Edo runs off and Ali Nuhu is in love. Like are...

24th july

24th July

An interesting story that takes an unrealistic approach in the first two parts and then has the mother of unrealistic scenes in the last part of the movie. The story was extremely forward in my opinion (i.e when did Yemi fall i...

Be not afraid

Be Not Afraid

Great script. One great actress. Potentially breathtaking work gets shorthanded. I would like to say that Rita Dominic was the standout performance in this movie but I can't because in reality, she was the only performance in ...

battle of honor

Battle of Honor

-Story: [3 out of 5] Yes! I liked the story of this movie.   -Originality: [1 out of 5] This will not be the first Royalty movie out of Africa. In fact, neither is it the first movie where both princes are born under such ...