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COMING SOON: Interception

INTERCEPTION is an upcoming Ghanaian action film starring Adjetey Anang, John Dumelo, Chris Attoh, Ama K. Abebrese, Jasmine Baroudi, Benny Blanco and Pascal Aka. The movie is directed by Pascal Aka written by Nina Lalwani,...

Devil in the Detail

Devil In The Detail

Maybe we as an audience – or the majority of us – are really cliched and not very forward minded. Maybe we like the same kind of entertainment. Maybe some works are too forward thinking for us. Maybe we are pulling ...


Cheaters Book 2

There are useless movies and there are useless movies and then there is this movie. After the first few minutes of the second in the “cheaters” series you are begging to be rescued. Making it past the first ten minu...



The strength of a great filmmaker lies in his or her ability to bring the audience back time after time regardless of cast, story or genre and the same can be said about Shirley Frimpong-Manso. For most of us, the name Shirley...


Cheaters Book 1

Frank Rajah’s recent offering, Cheaters, is nothing that you did not already guess it will be. It follows that cliched all men-all women cheat formula to the Tee, and tops it off with little to no originality whatsoever, ...


The Hunters

Before anything, one cannot overemphasize Bernie Anti’s greatness. Having said that, back to the movie. The hunters has a central storyline of a young man born into what seems like a destiny on the wrong side. From concep...

letters to my mother

Letters To My Mother

Like I said earlier, the thing is that you never know what exactly is happening in a Pascal movie until the end and you might dare to guess but odds are your guess might be wrong, but it might also be right. I won't call this m...



The first couple of scenes are mild attempts at humor, some successful others not so much. An old man dies in the presence of two men, one seems eager to save his 'uncle' and the other just seems reluctant to do anything to hel...

Adams+Apples+Chapter+10+Wallpaper (1)

Adams Apples: New Beginnings

A sizzling new addition to Barns & McCarby kills any chance Kukua could ever have with Denu. Kukua's depression drives the family to the breathtaking Lou Moon, where they support each other to face the single life. The odds may...


Losing You

I think there are 3 central rules to remaking a movie. No. 1. You must first get authorization from the original movie makers. 2. You must give credit to the owners of the story somewhere in the movie, if to say you no be thie...