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It is always nice to hear a different language in a Nollywood film from the usual Igbo or Yoruba. However this film bills itself as an English language film, it isn't about 70% of the film is in Ibibio. It is subtitled perfectl...
igbotic love

Igbotic Love

The first huddle I came across in respect to reviewing this movie was determining whether or not it was just a regular home video or an Igbo film. At the end of the day, it was concluded that it is an Igbo film because more tha...

Unforgivable (Ainidariji)

After reading the synopsis for unforgivable I had lofty ideas in my head so imagine my surprise when the movie started and for 30-45 minutes I was accosted with the typical Yoruba movie presentation. Those 30-45 minutes were an...


Kokomma is a run of the mill story about a poor 18 year old girl who moves to Lagos and takes up a housegirl job in order to support her family. She is constantly faced with numerous perverted men seeking to take advantage of h...
omo iya kan

Omo Iya Kan

The movie is easy to watch, the storyline is easy to follow. It really isn't anything fascinating (at least not to those without a strict Yollywood diet). Following it from the perspective of those who watch strictly Yoruba mov...
temi nikan

Temi Nikan

All Yoruba movies are comedies. If that wasn't the intended genre, then the subtitles make them so.

Nwanyi Murano

As soon as I saw that this movie had Mekus Delalala (Chigozie Atuanya), I knew that I had to watch it. And my guy no fall hand.