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Emem Isong
Before God& Man poster

Before God And Man

What happened to those cute little love stories that Nollywood used to mass produce like they were going out of style? Now everything must be complicated and over the top. I originally thought that this movie was going to be Ci...

mrs somebody

Mrs Somebody

Mrs. Somebody's success arises from the fact that the story is one that most Nigerian ladies are much too familiar with. It's appeal for the hopeless romantic, such as myself, is in how unabated and shamelessly it sticks to the...

all that glitters

All That Glitters

In most African nations they tend to be adages about every other thing, so I’m almost entirely certain that out there somewhere is an adage that goes something like one must first learn to crawl before he walks and to run...

stolen tomorrow

Stolen Tomorrow

I give it to Nollywood! We are the only ones who would be able to tarnish a success in cutting down on the number of movies with numerous parts by making  a one part movie seem longer than ‘a cry for help’. Stolen ...

lonely heart

Lonely Heart

I’ve been reviewing Nollywood movies for about 2 years now so you can say that I haven’t watched many Nollywood movies in all that time. Sounds contradictory? But watching a movie and reviewing a movie are two compl...



The movie 'kidnap' is centered around four friends who seek to take out vengeance on their ex-boss by kidnapping his daughter and extorting a huge ransom from him. Now, even though I don't think it makes much sense to kidnap as...


End of Behind Closed Doors

At some points, I began to wonder whether they were intentionally trying to match the video quality of the 2001 production.