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circle of trust

Circle of Trust

Oya! Before we even start, if you feel the need to mention to me that the movie is EXACTLY like the 2005 nollywood movie, "Games Women Play" based solely on the synopsis or trailer (because say na only you watch dat feem), then...
it takes two

It Takes Two

A few things just right off the bat. Let's just be petty and list the obvious on screen factors. We have another light skinned Ghanaian actor here that nobody (well most of us) knows his name. This guy apparently has a problem ...


2 Broken is a tear jerker of a storyline. From the writing and the overpowering music in the movie, you can tell that the crew is holding nothing back in trying to get out as much tears from the audience as possible. For many r...
How not to fall in love

How Not To Fall In Love

"How Not To Fall in Love" is the story of two people (played by IK Ogbonna and Omotu Bissong) whose parents had betrothed them to one another at an early age. Before their official meeting, they meet in a situation that causes ...
first class

First Class

We all know that Ruth Kadiri can act. In fact in our last review for "Stolen Lives" we reaffirmed this. However, if somewhere along the line you've managed to forget that Ruth Kadiri can write too (and booooy does she write) th...
Stolen lives

Stolen Lives

The movie 'Stolen Lives' is almost like a throwback to old nollywood. You know those good old times when our storylines had different faces, an actual storyline and still managed to be entertaining? Yeah, that.


Spotlight follows the lives of a few individuals who enroll in a six week acting academy. First we have Hope James played by Mena Sodje who is a struggling actress. Hope, the average pidgin toting daughter of a Mushin road-side...