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Love Regardless

The first 20-30 minutes of this movie was a struggle! When I say struggle I mean knees bleeding, ankle shot, crawling on granite STRUGGLE. I was hard pressed to just exit and give up.


Bambitious is the story of an ambitious young lady, Bambi, who is dating a lax complacent character called Frank. She eventually gets fed up with the lifestyle that she is living with him and decides to break up with him. After...
the best man

The Best Man

“There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The sort of pain that’s only suffering. I have no patience for useless things” – Francis Underwood (House of Cards. ...
pot of gold

Pot of Gold

Whoever wrote this must be some kind of sadist. I often complain about Nollywood’s obsession with watching people suffer but even with this one I was enthralled. Warning to those of faint heart, you will cry and cry a lot.
Husband Shopping

Husband Shopping

If you follow Pascal Amanfo movies from his earlier movies to current days, then you know one thing for sure: you never know what to expect with his movies. Today might bring with it the brilliance of “Letters to my mothe...
farmer's bride

Farmer’s Bride

Let me summarise what I’m going to say in over almost 500 words, in one short and sweet sentence. This is dry. The plot synopsis is interesting even though there isn’t much originality. There are a thousand and one romance ...
burning bridges

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges is the story of a modern couple getting ready to get married when the husband-to-be, Louis' best friend comes into the picture. The best friend, Terry, turns out to be a female and at this point every female vie...