Nigerian Movie Reviews


over the edge

Over The Edge

Over the Edge was yet another quick cut and shot job that was formulaically congruent but emotionally vacant. The story follows a young couple with an overbearing and insecure wife who will stop at nothing to prevent the future...
One Minute Man

One Minute Man

Ok so I have been trying to understand it. In fact, I gave it a couple of days just to fully grasp it and I have come to the conclusion that the major reason why this movie works is because you do not expect it to. I mean, what...
my angel

My Angel

My Angel is the story of a young man who comes across a waitress in a local restaurant/upgraded mama put (it's all about perspective) and falls for her. The young man, played by Enyinna, is in a rough place in his life
Miss Taken

Miss Taken

One of the things that make it difficult to find motivation to watch most new nollywood movies of nowadays (non-cinema released and cinema-released alike) is the checkbox-attitude that most of them seem to have these days.


Wages tells the story of a group of women who meet in a hair salon and each relay the stories of their respective husband's infidelity. Among the women are Bayray McNwizu whose character is married to Wole Ojo, she finds out th...
so in love

So In Love

So in Love is supposedly a love story about a guy who falls for the maid to his neighbors. These neighbors turn out to be three young single ladies, two of which fall head over heels for him at first sight. These two, played by...


The story is centered on three individuals, Chukwuma, Babatunde and Raheem (quite the WAZOBIA line-up) who are all individually struggling to make it financially in the Nigerian economic environment. Each of them are educated b...