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when love happens

When Love Happens

When Love Happens is the story of a 28 year old UK returnee in Lagos, Mo. Mo returned home four years ago and started working as an events planner where she is responsible for catering entirely to other people's big days (aka w...
gbomo gbomo express

Gbomo Gbomo Express

There are many action and crime type movies and tv shows but the one thing that distinguishes the ones that we love from the ones that we could care less about is the viewer's affection for the characters. Was Gbomo Gbomo Expre...


We’ve just about beaten to death the reason not to have expectations for movies, because with great expectations come great disappointments. Now there’s another end to it, we are beginning to think it might be a good idea f...
if tomorrow never comes

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If Tomorrow Never Comes is the journey of a girl that's told in hindsight. Hence, from the beginning we at least have the consolation that even if it is a series of unfortunate events at least it ends well. The girl was found d...

single married and complicated

Single, Married & Complicated

We began the review for the prequel to this movie by saying "[i]f you go in seeking a magnanimous storyline, sorry but you will be disappointed. If you go in seeking to be thrilled, again you will be disappointed. So go in to w...
code of silence

Code of Silence

Code of Silence is a movie about a girl who gets raped. Except that it's not your typical nollywood movie about a girl who gets raped. It does not subscribe to many of the usual pitfalls and it is does not have the average mind...
The Grave Dust

The Grave Dust

From the perspective of someone who was only aware of this movie by name and poster only, and who consciously worked hard to avoid the movie (disclaimer: I don’t like scary movies), this movie was pleasantly surprising initia...