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Surulere 2

Surulere (Patience Pays)

The moment usually comes for me at the end of every movie. It's right before I type the first word for the review. At that point I ask myself two questions: #1: What did I get from this movie? #2: What should YOU know about thi...
Grey Dawn

Grey Dawn

There's a thing about Shirley Frimpong-Manso films that most are probably accustomed to at this point. The silence. There's not a lot of noise or music so the only saving grace for the movie is the movie. What does this mean? I...
Road to Yesterday

Road to Yesterday

Today I fell for the advertising and was prepared to 'Netflix & Chill' to the latest nollywood movie on the world renowned streaming site, Netflix. I was thrilled. It's Genevieve's first production and well... just like everyon...


Regardless of the tactless and unfounded comparisons between this movie and "The Perfect Guy" starring Michael Ealy, I was really very excited to see Stalker for a few reasons. The first reason was that it appeared to be a psyc...



Silence is yet another movie about child abuse and rape and things of that nature. However, it is not set in the usual manner. The movie starts at the setting of a post war torn area. All the battles have been fought and all th...
one fine day

One Fine Day

We've seen a couple of rape movies from nollywood over the years, and many even in the past year (like "2 Broken", "Distance Between", "Code of Silence", "Lost Pride" and many many more). We're not trying to take away from the ...
Fresh Visit

The Visit

The Visit tells the story of two couples that are neighbors in one building. The downstairs couple, The Nebos, consist of Chidi and Eugenia (played by Femi Jacobs and Bayray McNwizu). They are a couple out of a prim and proper ...