Nigerian Movie Reviews


Somewhere Down the Line

Somewhere Down The Line

"Somewhere down the line" is the story of a couple unable to birth their own child who eventually resort to surrogacy. Thankfully, this goes well and they end up with a beautiful baby girl who they revolve their world around. T...


In this movie, the titular character, Champagne, is the wife to a man who earns a living by sleeping with wealthy women. After so many years of living like this, Champagne decides that enough is enough and urges her husband to ...
a letter from adam

A Letter From Adam

A Letter from Adam is the story of Enima, played by Lydia Forson, a young lady who seems to make all the wrong choices in relationships and is at the brink of giving up on love. This is before she meets Adam. Adam, played by Wa...
Love or Something Like that

Love or Something Like That

We are way past the initial fervor of a select few filmmakers actually being able to make quality movies. Currently we are at the point where we realize that even the greats are not infallible. Therefore, whenever you are prepa...

The Green Eyed

The Green Eyed

The Green Eyed is the story of a politician/business-man Kalu Ikeagwu and his wife as they go through trials, and how they face and overcome them. To be quite honest that is the best synopsis I can come up with because even at ...
Gone too far

Gone Too Far

I went into this without any sort of expectation of excellence. I wasn’t even expecting it to be good but I was so pleasantly surprised. The story, the acting, the directing and the production values came together to create a...
october 1

October 1

The story is set in 1960 Nigeria amidst all the excitement and confusion of the upcoming independence. The main storyline is about a series of murders going on in the town of Akote. In this town, there have been recent killings...