a letter from adam

A Letter From Adam

A Letter from Adam is the story of Enima, played by Lydia Forson, a young lady who seems to make all the wrong choices in relationships and is at the brink of giving up on love. This is before she meets Adam. Adam, played by Wa...

Love or Something Like that

Love or Something Like That

We are way past the initial fervor of a select few filmmakers actually being able to make quality movies. Currently we are at the point where we realize that even the greats are not infallible. Therefore, whenever you are prepa...

love circle

Love Circle

There is false advertising – when you are told that something is going to be great but ends up being everything but that – and then there is a false set-up. We can define a false set-up as a movie situation where th...

finding love

Finding Love

Finding love is one big misguided mess with so many areas with potentials for greatness that end up falling short because someone involved in production did not follow through.


Love Regardless

The first 20-30 minutes of this movie was a struggle! When I say struggle I mean knees bleeding, ankle shot, crawling on granite STRUGGLE. I was hard pressed to just exit and give up.

farmer's bride

Farmer’s Bride

Let me summarise what I’m going to say in over almost 500 words, in one short and sweet sentence. This is dry. The plot synopsis is interesting even though there isn’t much originality. There are a thousand and one romance ...



Hazeezat is a surprisingly delightful film about an Alhaji's 'other woman' who falls out of favor with him and finds herself in the home of the man who had a crush on her back in uni. The movie follows her story as she falls in...

a few good men

A Few Good Men

After watching so many movies you start to take away a few things. You begin to appreciate things that you otherwise would take for granted such as the use of silence instead of persistent music, the unhighlighted drama within ...

i think he loves me

I Think He Loves Me

After seeing so many movies there are some trends you begin to notice. After a while these recurring trends become less of trends and simply become unoriginal and they happen most often in romantic movies. However, even more a...

knocking on heaven's door - official

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heaven's Door tells the story of a talented female gospel star - played ever so gracefully by the surprising Adesua Etomi - who leads a contradictory life. On the outside she appears like the perfect christian with ...