Undercover Lover

Undercover Lover

Undercover lover is the story of a poor young man, played by Alexx Ekubo, who continues to believe that there is a woman out there who will love him regardless of his poverty. This is all in spite of his exuberant roommate, pla...

Heroes and villains

Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains is the story of a couple on the brink of divorce. They go to their lawyer friend to ask for the papers when he somehow convinces them to go on a two week vacation to a resort. If at the end of the vacation the...

the real deal

The Real Deal

From the American movies, “Heartbreakers” to “Confidence” to “Duplicity” and even the more recent Will Smith starrer “Focus”, there is an undeniable appeal about con movies and this one is no exception.


Iyore (The Return)

Iyore (The Return) is really a love story in disguise as an epic. It is the story of two lovers who cannot be together for varying reasons at varying times. Of course, the fact that this love story has happened time and time ag...

changing tides

Changing Tides

Changing Tides is literally the story of a poor girl meets rich guy who somehow falls for her and they somehow end up happily ever after. I mean this movie is word for word, line for line, every cliche about boy-meets-girl meet...

don't cry for me

Don’t Cry For Me

Simplistic storylines are just not going to cut it this year. If you start a movie well, and spend money on it, and actually intrigue the viewer with your storyline for a bit and then you choose to round things up with some sim...

being mrs elliott

Being Mrs. Elliott

Being Mrs. Elliott is the story of a mix-up that changes four people's lives. Omoni as Mrs. Elliott is returning back to Lagos from finding her husband in a questionable situation in Asaba when she meets Uru's character. The fl...

a letter from adam

A Letter From Adam

A Letter from Adam is the story of Enima, played by Lydia Forson, a young lady who seems to make all the wrong choices in relationships and is at the brink of giving up on love. This is before she meets Adam. Adam, played by Wa...

Love or Something Like that

Love or Something Like That

We are way past the initial fervor of a select few filmmakers actually being able to make quality movies. Currently we are at the point where we realize that even the greats are not infallible. Therefore, whenever you are prepa...

love circle

Love Circle

There is false advertising – when you are told that something is going to be great but ends up being everything but that – and then there is a false set-up. We can define a false set-up as a movie situation where th...