flower girl

Flower Girl

Unfortunately for romantic comedies it is a genre that almost always churns out the exact same storyline and very little can ever be done to add originality or reduce the predictability of the movie. Hence more often than not t...

northern affair

A Northern Affair

Recently we have been barraged by a lot of movies that use a lot of ‘silence’. By ‘silence’ I mean vacant spaces in the transitions from scene to scene or within the scenes themselves where music is lack...

Phone Swap

Phone Swap

The movie starts off with Akin - played so convincingly well by Wale Ojo - a tireless and ruthless business man attempting to scale the ladders of corporate success whilst being non-challant of all the little people he might pu...

more than friends

More Than Friends

As this was a Rukky Sanda movie, some things were a given. The movie was very predictable. It was entirely unoriginal – in fact it was a copy of the American movie “When Harry Met Sally”, and very shamelessly ...

mrs somebody

Mrs Somebody

Mrs. Somebody's success arises from the fact that the story is one that most Nigerian ladies are much too familiar with. It's appeal for the hopeless romantic, such as myself, is in how unabated and shamelessly it sticks to the...

forgetting june

Forgetting June

I won’t deny that I was semi-excited about this movie when I originally heard of it. Why? Because even though I know better, a part of me still equates seeing Majid Michel’s face on a cast line-up with a guarantee f...



There are trailers you see and you are certain that you will not be watching that movie, for me this was one of them. Unfortunately, decisions about whether or not I will be watching those movies are not entirely in my hands so...


The Meeting

Clara Ikemba steals the show in Mildred Okwo's latest offering, the Meeting; a satirical representations of the daily drama in a Nigerian Minister's office that has the audience asking along with the characters "but how can a c...


Two Brides And A Baby

Two brides and a baby tells the story of a jilted lover who just happens to walk in on her ex the day before his wedding. The movie follows the upheaval caused by her reappearance on the brides side, on the grooms side, and on ...



I like that this movie paraded a lot of many unknown and upcoming faces, except for Chuks Blossom Chukwujekwu who is fast becoming a screen favorite since the cinema release of Flower Girl where he starred alongside ex-Tinsel s...