one moment in time

One Moment In Time

If movies like “Living with a Ghost” and “The Duplex” are any indication, then ghost stories are gradually becoming quite an entertaining genre of nollywood films… at least to me (for some inconceivable reason many pe...

when love happens

When Love Happens

When Love Happens is the story of a 28 year old UK returnee in Lagos, Mo. Mo returned home four years ago and started working as an events planner where she is responsible for catering entirely to other people's big days (aka w...

love triangle

Love Triangle

Then there are the good movies that you don't just sit through it, you live through it. When you see these posters or hear the movie name you feel it. There might come a point in your life when you don't necessarily remember th...



Stellar is the story of a struggling single mother whose husband left her after losing his job. She is now faced with the challenge of learning how to support the family on her ow for the first time ever. She eventually meets a...

One Minute Man

One Minute Man

Ok so I have been trying to understand it. In fact, I gave it a couple of days just to fully grasp it and I have come to the conclusion that the major reason why this movie works is because you do not expect it to. I mean, what...

my angel

My Angel

My Angel is the story of a young man who comes across a waitress in a local restaurant/upgraded mama put (it's all about perspective) and falls for her. The young man, played by Enyinna, is in a rough place in his life

so in love

So In Love

So in Love is supposedly a love story about a guy who falls for the maid to his neighbors. These neighbors turn out to be three young single ladies, two of which fall head over heels for him at first sight. These two, played by...

Undercover Lover

Undercover Lover

Undercover lover is the story of a poor young man, played by Alexx Ekubo, who continues to believe that there is a woman out there who will love him regardless of his poverty. This is all in spite of his exuberant roommate, pla...

Heroes and villains

Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains is the story of a couple on the brink of divorce. They go to their lawyer friend to ask for the papers when he somehow convinces them to go on a two week vacation to a resort. If at the end of the vacation the...

the real deal

The Real Deal

From the American movies, “Heartbreakers” to “Confidence” to “Duplicity” and even the more recent Will Smith starrer “Focus”, there is an undeniable appeal about con movies and this one is no exception.