wicked love

Wicked Love

'Wicked Love' belongs to that class of home videos that is simply surprisingly good. It is almost the same recipe used to cook the exact same meal but a twitch in the ingredients or a switch up in the order and presentation cre...

sisters at war

Sisters at War

Somewhere along the lines in the attempt to be too different from everyone and everything else, this movie lost me completely. Sisters at war is the story of two sisters – Jackie Appiah and Okawa Shaznay – who are ...

Sugar Sisi

Sugar Sisi

At the end of this movie all I could say was …whut. It was jarring and I totally did not expect it to be so brutal from its innocent synopsis. The ‘revenge/torture porn’ genre is a genre that I avoid a lot simply because ...


The Visitors

Believe it or not Nollywood is progressing. We are making changes and developing. With every year something different pops up in a movie: be it a new theme, a new style, a new agenda, a new topic or a new cast, regardless somet...



The first time I heard about Torn was in a TV interview with Tinsels Ireti Doyle who played one of the principal character in the film. She spoke so glowingly about the movie, of how it was different from the norm and would be ...



I’ve made it no secret thus far that if there’s any genre of movies I can’t stand it’s comedies. Well, here’s another genre that I can’t stand but for a completely different reason (*clears t...


Nation Under Siege

I saw an article in the Guardian about this film; just click here if you are interested. Moving on to the review, it was really good however it started off with a bang (literally) but then became very slow and uninteresting be...

yankee students

Yankee Students

This one caught my eye because I think it’s time for Nollywood to resume doing those secondary school films. So there I am waiting to be nostalgic and remember my not-so-long ago experiences as a student but instead the film ...

brazilian hair babes

Brazilian Hair Babes

Ok, this film was not bad. This film was more than passably good. There were no overlong or even pointless scenes, the plot was good and the acting was good. Tell me why they decided to name it something so stupid. If this film...

Love and Crime fb timeline

Love & Crime

Think of Love and Crime as a medley of some of some pretty decent movies, combined with a couple comic scenes and a handful of actual actors brought together to give you, what has become the definition of a Frank Rajah film, a ...