With a name like Ogbanje, how could I resist? This film seeks to emulate those housegirl witch movies that were so popular in those days, films I frankly think they should make more of. You can never go wrong with a witchcraft ...



If someone asked me to summarise this movie I wouldn’t be able to. I was so lost it’s not even funny. I am still lost. This has no head or tail and the worst part is that it had so much potential. I had high hopes and t...



I like that this movie paraded a lot of many unknown and upcoming faces, except for Chuks Blossom Chukwujekwu who is fast becoming a screen favorite since the cinema release of Flower Girl where he starred alongside ex-Tinsel s...



The story behind the movie, Volunteers, is intriguing. Reading the synopsis alone seduces you. I tend to shy away from movies with intriguing storylines occasionally because yes the story sounds amazing but what will the direct...

haunted house

Haunted House

One genre that’s not too common in Nollywood is Horror (exempting maybe Juju films)! So it’s not surprising that I went into this movie with mixed expectations. A horror movie starring Ebi Bright and John Dumelo and...

midnight whispers

Midnight Whispers

This movie had a striking resemblance to (what may or may not have been) Mercy Johnson's breakout movie "The Maid" starring Eucharia Anunobi alongside Clem Ohameze again.


Miss Queen

In the beginning, I was definitely getting a "Mercy Johnson in 'The Maid'" vibe from this movie (you know... the one where she goes to live with couple, Eucharia Anunobi and Clems Ohameze, and their two christian children and s...


Deadly Obsession

-Story: [2 out of 5] I like the story behind the movie (even with all its improbabilities), I just feel like the sequences should have been built properly and let everything flow into one another. It had a blocky feel about it ...