gbomo gbomo express

Gbomo Gbomo Express

There are many action and crime type movies and tv shows but the one thing that distinguishes the ones that we love from the ones that we could care less about is the viewer's affection for the characters. Was Gbomo Gbomo Expre...


James Town

With a trailer and name that is targeted to impress, Jamestown certainly aims to make an impact. For those into action movies, this might be the one for you. On paper this has a compelling plot. Full of intrigue and mystery the...



I had gone to see Hoodrush on word of mouth. It’s marketing was almost non-existent. I was skeptical about the movie because I had once seen a musical touted as the first in Nollywood that paraded international stars and boas...



The strength of a great filmmaker lies in his or her ability to bring the audience back time after time regardless of cast, story or genre and the same can be said about Shirley Frimpong-Manso. For most of us, the name Shirley...

four crooks and a rookie

Four Crooks And A Rookie

A lot has been said about “four crooks and a rookie” and nearly everyone who has seen it has a definite opinion about it: either you like it or you don’t. For me, 15-20 minutes into the movie all I wanted to k...

murder at prime suits

Murder at Prime Suites

Murder at Prime Suites is essentially a fictionalized portrayal of the incident that happened with Cynthia Osokogu back in 2012. The movie follows two police detectives, played by Keira Hewatch and Joseph Benjamin, as they inve...

The Courier

The Courier

Watching this movie, you cannot escape the overwhelming feeling that something is wrong. Looking at the bits and pieces and parts, they seem mostly right. It was not until the end of the movie that I realized what it was. The m...


Hotel Babylon

They say don’t judge a book by a cover, and they couldn’t be more correct because if one was to judge this entire movie by the poster, which depicts a stunning Ramsey Nouah spotting a gun overlooking a hotel, one wo...


The Hunters

Before anything, one cannot overemphasize Bernie Anti’s greatness. Having said that, back to the movie. The hunters has a central storyline of a young man born into what seems like a destiny on the wrong side. From concep...

Blind Lust

Blind Lust

The plot was necessarily orginal and I sat through the whole mivue supringsinlgy. The only thing that killed me was the acting. The only two people who could actually act were John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah but even this film dd...