IWD 2015

Top 3 Women-Centric Movies Nollywood Has Ever Made

Tomorrow, March 8th 2015 is International Women’s Day and is honestly our favorite not-a-real-holiday holiday. And in the spirit of celebrating women, we are looking inwards to Nollywood. We recently published a post here...

AMAA mama G

#ThrowbackThursday Watch Clips from the 2014 AMAA Awards

Did you miss the AMAA Awards 2014 ceremony? GoldMyne entertainment has put together some clips from the ceremony here. Enjoy!

shirley frimpong-manso

Be Inspired! Watch as Shirley Frimpong tells her story!

Shirley Frimpong Manso is the Ghanaian director and producer behind movies like “A Sting in a tale” and “Checkmate” as well as series like “The Adams Apples” and “V Republic”. In ...

mary lazarus

In The Spotlight: Mary Lazarus

Mary Lazarus is a nollywood actress that hails from Abia State. She began her career in modeling however she started acting in 2009 when she was cast alongside Yemi Blaq and she has now been acting for about six years. She has ...


The Different Types of Nollywood Movies EXPLAINED

How can the same industry that gives us “The Meeting” churn out something like “Blackberry Babes”? So what is this whole made-in-America movie thing about? Is that still nollywood? And why do we call her...

This photo is gotten from a brilliant article by Kelly Thompson at http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2012/05/21/she-has-no-head-dear-marvel-stop-ruining-everything/

Who runs the world Nollywood?

Before you start reading this article, I'd like for you to think of five top nollywood actors (male or female) right off the top of your head and post it as a comment, GO! 1, 2, 3 … Action! Pan to the female actress tied...

2014 Roundup (1)

2014 Round-Up – NR’s Best and Worst of 2014

s with the end of every year, we tend to have a run down of our Top (!) movies of the year. But this year, the truth is that we didn’t see many of the greats like “October 1″ and some of the movies we finally ...


NR’s Top 5 Movies for Christmas

or many of us, Christmas movies means The Hallmark Channel. Every Christmas season, the hallmark channel has a line-up of original ‘christmas movies’ which end up mostly being romantic movies infused with a lot of s...

Television Shows

#2014InRetrospect – Top 5 TV Shows of 2014

The year 2014 is quickly coming to an end, who would have thunk it? (I sabi speak English, free me). So we are starting our countdown with our top five TV shows of 2014. One of the biggest things this past year has been televis...

best movie drama

Our VOTE for AMVCA 2015

So as most people know, this past week the Africa Magic Viewers Choice awards nominations for 2015 were announced. And like last year, we on NR are going to announce who has our votes and who we hope wins. Before we move forwa...