Mummy Dearest

Mummy Dearest

Mummy Dearest is the story of a mother of five who tries to keep in touch with all five of her children after they are grown and gone from home. She is relatively successful in doing this with all of her children except for her...



The story is centered on three individuals, Chukwuma, Babatunde and Raheem (quite the WAZOBIA line-up) who are all individually struggling to make it financially in the Nigerian economic environment. Each of them are educated b...



Amarachi is the story of a young lady who lives in the village and is in love with her village boyfriend, Ikenna. Ikenna loves football and that is all he knows. Her uncle disapproves of the union because he wants to marry her ...

musical whispers

Musical Whispers

Autism in Nigeria is not a well talked about or even well-known subject but here comes a film that not only addresses it respectfully – no juju involved , thank God – but also does not shy away from the realities of a paren...

Nneka My daughter

Nneka My Daughter

Nneka My Daughter is the story of a family with two wives where the husband married the second wife while seeking a male child. Many years later, all the children have grown up and Nneka, his first daughter from his first wife,...

heart of a sister

Heart of a Sister

It is becoming more and more of a struggle to find an Asaba movie that is light on formula, high on story and high on performance (like "Native Son" or "Heart of a fighter"). Now, most movies are just high on formula, low on st...

Somewhere Down the Line

Somewhere Down The Line

"Somewhere down the line" is the story of a couple unable to birth their own child who eventually resort to surrogacy. Thankfully, this goes well and they end up with a beautiful baby girl who they revolve their world around. T...

Gone too far

Gone Too Far

I went into this without any sort of expectation of excellence. I wasn’t even expecting it to be good but I was so pleasantly surprised. The story, the acting, the directing and the production values came together to create a...

pot of gold

Pot of Gold

Whoever wrote this must be some kind of sadist. I often complain about Nollywood’s obsession with watching people suffer but even with this one I was enthralled. Warning to those of faint heart, you will cry and cry a lot.

love shooter

Love Shooters

With a title like that, I would not blame anyone for overlooking this movie. But if you are anything like me and occasionally crave that pure unadulterated village storylines, then maybe you might want to reconsider. Love Shoot...