Scarlet woman

Scarlet Woman

I like that this movie has a theme, and that it sticks closely to this theme. However replace scarlet woman with orphan or osu or something else and the basic formula for these types of films is pretty easy. Prince comes from o...



It was a good story, it was a different storyline, it was endearing and all but it was not gripping. I could stand up, go do something else and come back hours later and continue. The fact that I returned to the movie is a good...



'Hamza' was the first Hausa movie I ever saw (and last) and I'm not certain it really counts as an Hausa/Kannywood movie because most of the dialogue was in English, but for argument sake, let's call it an Hausa movie.


Agony of the Christ

The fact that we're attempting to make some version of "Passion of the Christ".... is ambitious but also interesting. I think it's a step in the right direction as per making 'different' movies but then again... ehm... one step...

deeper than faces

Deeper than Faces

Old Tchidi Chikere vs. Modern day Tchidi Chikere. There is a difference! You'd have to agree with me. In the olden days (lol... as olden as 2008 can possibly be), Tchidi Chikere had the movies. He had the best love stories. The...

king's heart

The King’s Heart

It's a Cinderella story! yes... so why would anyone want to sit through yet another Cinderella story? Because the music grips you... because Mercy is an amazing actress (because we can't remember what Mercy looked like when she...

i sing of a well

I Sing of a Well

The folly of choice. Wenambe becomes a pawn of the gods; taunted daily by Alarka the old seer, he turns into a man troubled and confused, not even the son Soraya bears him is able to wipe away his shame. He becomes a ruler of s...

princess adora

Princess Adaora

-Story: [3 out of 5] It’s an entertaining storyline especially to those of us who only watch Nollywood traditional storylines.    -Originality: [0 out of 5] A storyline we’ve seen a million and one times befor...



-Story: [3 out of 5] I actually really liked the story. It’s entertaining. It’s old fashioned. It’s simple. It’s a tales by moonlight kind of story. There were, however, some little aspects of the movie ...



-Story: [3 out of 5] This movie is an AMAA award winner so it’s no surprise that I went in to watch this movie with high expectations. I liked the story in general but I was not mind blown, but this probably has more to d...