It is very rare that I wish a six part movie could go on for longer but I did. Kept looking at the amount of parts left and wishing it was longer. This was a well-crafted, well told and very creative story. Easily going to be i...



The way the media is set up in modern day, especially the western media, one might actually start to think that the only thing essential for a relationship is love but that's false. Trust, love and respect are three ingredients...



There are some actors who you are willing to watch any movie for and Mike Ezuruonye definitely tops the list. This is because no matter how drab, unreal or unbelievable the plot is, with Mike in it it becomes conceivable - or m...

heart of a sister

Heart of a Sister

It is becoming more and more of a struggle to find an Asaba movie that is light on formula, high on story and high on performance (like "Native Son" or "Heart of a fighter"). Now, most movies are just high on formula, low on st...

3 is company

3 is Company

3 is company is a cozy little story about a couple (Yvonne Jegede & O.C. Ukeje) and the husband's best friend (Wale Ojo) who share a heartwarming bond until the best friend falls for the wife's worst enemy. Said 'worst enemy', ...

the real deal

The Real Deal

From the American movies, “Heartbreakers” to “Confidence” to “Duplicity” and even the more recent Will Smith starrer “Focus”, there is an undeniable appeal about con movies and this one is no exception.

where does beauty go

Where Does Beauty Go

This movie had three potential storylines, three original storylines that could have been great on their own but instead they chose to jam all three, waste three storylines and waste everyone’s time in the process. It joins a...


Iyore (The Return)

Iyore (The Return) is really a love story in disguise as an epic. It is the story of two lovers who cannot be together for varying reasons at varying times. Of course, the fact that this love story has happened time and time ag...

pot of life

Pot of Life

There is one really good thing about this movie and you can describe it simply in two words - Yvonne Jegede. Simply because her screen time equals entertainment is the most original reason to watch this movie. Honestly, I thoug...

The Banker

The Banker

The Banker is a movie about a young lady whose father-in-law-to-be is opposed to her relationship with his son because of what she does. The young lady, played by Mbong Amata, is a marketer in a bank, and according to the fathe...