the real deal

The Real Deal

From the American movies, “Heartbreakers” to “Confidence” to “Duplicity” and even the more recent Will Smith starrer “Focus”, there is an undeniable appeal about con movies and this one is no exception.

where does beauty go

Where Does Beauty Go

This movie had three potential storylines, three original storylines that could have been great on their own but instead they chose to jam all three, waste three storylines and waste everyone’s time in the process. It joins a...


Iyore (The Return)

Iyore (The Return) is really a love story in disguise as an epic. It is the story of two lovers who cannot be together for varying reasons at varying times. Of course, the fact that this love story has happened time and time ag...

pot of life

Pot of Life

There is one really good thing about this movie and you can describe it simply in two words - Yvonne Jegede. Simply because her screen time equals entertainment is the most original reason to watch this movie. Honestly, I thoug...

The Banker

The Banker

The Banker is a movie about a young lady whose father-in-law-to-be is opposed to her relationship with his son because of what she does. The young lady, played by Mbong Amata, is a marketer in a bank, and according to the fathe...

lost pride

Lost Pride

A nollywood movie (yes! Even the so called cinematic greats) have not elicited so much emotions from me in their entirety, as this movie did in the first 20 minutes. Kudos to all the viewers who were able to watch this movie fr...

Black Silhouette

Black Silhouette

You know when you've had really good food once before in your life, and then you go for a period of time without food that is that good. Then one beautiful day someone presents to you food that appears like good food, smells li...

Darima's Dilemma

Darima’s Dilemma

When a film is unoriginal, it can only be good by doing one of two things: presenting it in a totally new and original manner or introducing completely new dimensions to a well-known story. Otherwise, it’s just a newer, bette...

Living With A Ghost

Living With A Ghost

With a title like that and the side note that the movie is “based on a true life story”, it quite difficult to resist hitting play. But then you hit play and the first 2 or 3 scenes cause you to begin to reconsider....

Somewhere Down the Line

Somewhere Down The Line

"Somewhere down the line" is the story of a couple unable to birth their own child who eventually resort to surrogacy. Thankfully, this goes well and they end up with a beautiful baby girl who they revolve their world around. T...