Gone too far

Gone Too Far

I went into this without any sort of expectation of excellence. I wasn’t even expecting it to be good but I was so pleasantly surprised. The story, the acting, the directing and the production values came together to create a...

a place called happy

A Place Called Happy

A place called happy is definitely not a weist! The movie gets right into the storyline from the get go and with only 60 minutes of screen time it packs so much more emotion and content in than many movies have been able to in ...

The antique

The Antique

The Antique is a story set in the late 19th century and tells the story of a young girl's adventure into the forbidden land of spirits after she is hand chosen by the gods to recover a sacred antique.



You will walk out of this movie wondering what just happened? And I do not intend that in the ‘inception’ sense of the phrase. I mean legitimately, if you make it to the end of this movie, you will wonder what kind ...



The first few minutes of "Dooshima" were not encouraging. The only recognizable actor was Maureen Ihua and all other actor's in the frame seemed to be doing their best to test the viewer's patience. However, the movie eventuall...

being single

Being Single

What is the difference between a movie like "Why Did I Get Married" and a Pastor Bimbo Odukoya sermon? One tells you the story and allows you to extract the message, one tells you the message and permits you to apply your own s...



Could this movie have been better? To say it could have been better is to assume that it had something good to start with. It did show a little promise; not in effort but the intricate and controversial nature of the themes it ...

friends or foes

Friends Or Foes

Umm... Is there a part two for this? Did they just run out of film/time/energy/money? This is not the kind of film that should end on a cliff-hanger, if that was the intention of the filmmaker. It literally just ends. Plot unr...

happy death day

Happy Death Day

This is bad. This is so bad. This is really bad. It was all a dream guys! It was all a stupid, inconsistent and ill-conceived dream that makes no sense in the context of the film and out of it. No good film has ever ended it a...

house girl lover

Housegirl Lover

I saw this movie after seeing "Love Regardless", and if there was one thing I learned from 'Love Regardless' it was to not disregard a movie off the bat.So even if the beginning and middle parts are torturous, persevere because...