broken mirror

Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror has the makings of a really luxurious car at the auction. From the outside it all seems quite spectacular, and even inside it has all the basic makings: the seats, the steering, the brakes, however, all the extra ...

love shooter

Love Shooters

With a title like that, I would not blame anyone for overlooking this movie. But if you are anything like me and occasionally crave that pure unadulterated village storylines, then maybe you might want to reconsider. Love Shoot...

Dia ris god o

Dia Ris God Oo

First off all the title of this movie does not inspire any sort of hope that it would be nothing more than a long and meandering comedic film. Filmmakers underestimate just how much influence the title of a film has on audience...



It is always nice to hear a different language in a Nollywood film from the usual Igbo or Yoruba. However this film bills itself as an English language film, it isn't about 70% of the film is in Ibibio. It is subtitled perfectl...

igbotic love

Igbotic Love

The first huddle I came across in respect to reviewing this movie was determining whether or not it was just a regular home video or an Igbo film. At the end of the day, it was concluded that it is an Igbo film because more tha...

wicked love

Wicked Love

'Wicked Love' belongs to that class of home videos that is simply surprisingly good. It is almost the same recipe used to cook the exact same meal but a twitch in the ingredients or a switch up in the order and presentation cre...



Don’t we all just love Christian movies and all the hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) morals that it tries to teach us after every other scene. It should make it harder to review the movies, I think. You know, because ...

my property

My Property

The name of this movie as well as the actors in it will lead you to believe that this is some kind of comedy, it is not. It is an actual drama and a surprisingly good one as well. There are some comedic moments for sure but tha...

Make A Move

Make A Move

“Don’t you dare tell me about love for dance, don’t even try it. That’s the one thing that makes me forget about how broke I am, or how messed up my family is, or how stressful my whole life is, do you h...

a man for mum

A Man For Mum

The name kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? This is intended as a feel good piece with a simple storyline, a contained cast and low budget. However something about it just looks amateur, this is probably the first movie to co...