wicked love

Wicked Love

'Wicked Love' belongs to that class of home videos that is simply surprisingly good. It is almost the same recipe used to cook the exact same meal but a twitch in the ingredients or a switch up in the order and presentation cre...



Don’t we all just love Christian movies and all the hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) morals that it tries to teach us after every other scene. It should make it harder to review the movies, I think. You know, because ...

my property

My Property

The name of this movie as well as the actors in it will lead you to believe that this is some kind of comedy, it is not. It is an actual drama and a surprisingly good one as well. There are some comedic moments for sure but tha...

Make A Move

Make A Move

“Don’t you dare tell me about love for dance, don’t even try it. That’s the one thing that makes me forget about how broke I am, or how messed up my family is, or how stressful my whole life is, do you h...

a man for mum

A Man For Mum

The name kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? This is intended as a feel good piece with a simple storyline, a contained cast and low budget. However something about it just looks amateur, this is probably the first movie to co...

world of lust

World of Lust

There was once a phase of nollywood movies when 4 out of every 5 released home videos were set in the college or university and followed the lives of runs girls or cult boys or the SU’s desperately trying to make it throu...

chocolate pinging salon

Chocolate Pinging Salon

I bit the bullet for this one. With a horrendous name this film doomed itself from the beginning but it is …not that bad. It is a decent flick that is entertaining and not as stupid and senseless as the name suggests. My only...

nwaogo the housemaid

Nwaogo the Housemaid

It’s rare to see a simple love story these days especially in the village setting; this movie fulfilled all that nostalgia and more including singing. Bear with me in this review because this is my first traditional review an...

knocking on heaven's door - official

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heaven's Door tells the story of a talented female gospel star - played ever so gracefully by the surprising Adesua Etomi - who leads a contradictory life. On the outside she appears like the perfect christian with ...

King Akabueze

King Akabueze

This is the true definition of an epic movie. Thrilling and suspension, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and hooked until the end. It plays its secrets to the chest and doesn’t allow you to find them out ...