Learning Curves

After watching several TV shows, about campus life, with actors sloppily typecast as “runz babe (female escort)”, “effiko (book-worm)” or cultist, it is so refreshing to find a coming-of-age movie that gives more dimens...

one fine day

One Fine Day

We've seen a couple of rape movies from nollywood over the years, and many even in the past year (like "2 Broken", "Distance Between", "Code of Silence", "Lost Pride" and many many more). We're not trying to take away from the ...

rain of hope

Rain of Hope

A few weeks ago, I saw a Yul Edochie movie again for the first time in forever (I believe the movie was "Circle of Trust"). Then I asked,"where has Yul been hiding?" And someone snidely replied, "in all the Asaba movies that yo...

House Husband

House Husband

At this point, you can already recognize the formula. Pretty man, pretty wife, pretty house, pretty babies. It's just going to be another new nollywood-pretty faces rich-nothing new here-fashion show of a romantic comedy. Or so...

Fresh Visit

The Visit

The Visit tells the story of two couples that are neighbors in one building. The downstairs couple, The Nebos, consist of Chidi and Eugenia (played by Femi Jacobs and Bayray McNwizu). They are a couple out of a prim and proper ...

the last 3 digits

The Last 3 Digits

If you've seen the trailer, you already know the premise of this movie (if you haven't then click on the next tab and try and return your LASTMA card abeg): a guy meets his long lost love, tries to get her number but she leaves...

circle of trust

Circle of Trust

Oya! Before we even start, if you feel the need to mention to me that the movie is EXACTLY like the 2005 nollywood movie, "Games Women Play" based solely on the synopsis or trailer (because say na only you watch dat feem), then...

Lunch time heroes 1

Lunch Time Heroes

You couldn't possibly have been as excited as I was to see the trailer for Lunch Time Heroes. I mean... you think you were excited, but I promise you that your excitement was child's play in comparison to mine. But then I saw t...



2 Broken is a tear jerker of a storyline. From the writing and the overpowering music in the movie, you can tell that the crew is holding nothing back in trying to get out as much tears from the audience as possible. For many r...

first class

First Class

We all know that Ruth Kadiri can act. In fact in our last review for "Stolen Lives" we reaffirmed this. However, if somewhere along the line you've managed to forget that Ruth Kadiri can write too (and booooy does she write) th...