sorrowful child

Sorrowful Child

I have talked long and hard about suffering porn. Nollywood just churns out these films although there has been a new crop of interesting twists on the first classics. In that way the familiar storylines that we accord to these...

wonders shall never end

Wonders Shall Never End

There is this trope in western movies and other media called Women in the Fridge, it refers to a plot that sacrifices women and children left and right to bring about a change in a man’s attitude. This is not a good or bad th...

Black November

Black November

We hold these truths to be self evident that Black November strikes immediately as an emotionally compelling story that brings to the forefront a highly relevant political issue – the struggle in the Niger Delta.



I am sick and tired of watching of four parts of a movie , all an hour. Sick and tired. Surely the first mark of a sophisticated film is that it has only one part. No matter how bad a film, that the filmmakers have condensed it...

half of a yellow sun

Half of a Yellow Sun

From Jane Eyre to Wuthering Heights and even Harry Potter to Twilight, there is never a movie adaptation of a book that does not seem to suffer from what I shall hence refer as “not as good as the book syndrome” and...

turning point

Turning Point

Turning Point is an unconventional tale. Unconventional in the sense that technically it is a nollywood USA movie however it manages to circumvent all the annoyances and pitfalls of that ‘genre?’. Turning Point is t...



I really want to decimate this movie. Destroy it. Reduce it to rubble. I really want to go into a long and vicious rant about the filmmakers and everyone involved in it. Alas I fear I do not have enough talent, that no one has ...

Face of sorrow

Face of Sorrow

I stumbled on Face of Sorrow whilst looking for a family-type movie. It had all the tell-tale signs of potential success in that genre: a family unit, a village champion villain, and a main protagonist girl to cry on cue. I got...

pretty liars

Pretty Liars

After the disappointment of recent movies releases, this movie is a cool balm for any disappointed Nollywood fans. It’s funny, very interesting and definitely puts a shiny beautiful gloss on an old played out trope. The old c...

mafian lady

Mafian Lady

My theory that a good movie can only be made with a good director is heavily supported by this movie. Movies that have a bad story or terrible actors can still be saved but an inexperienced or just plain bad director can sink a...