it takes two

It Takes Two

A few things just right off the bat. Let's just be petty and list the obvious on screen factors. We have another light skinned Ghanaian actor here that nobody (well most of us) knows his name. This guy apparently has a problem ...

How not to fall in love

How Not To Fall In Love

"How Not To Fall in Love" is the story of two people (played by IK Ogbonna and Omotu Bissong) whose parents had betrothed them to one another at an early age. Before their official meeting, they meet in a situation that causes ...

first class

First Class

We all know that Ruth Kadiri can act. In fact in our last review for "Stolen Lives" we reaffirmed this. However, if somewhere along the line you've managed to forget that Ruth Kadiri can write too (and booooy does she write) th...

when love happens

When Love Happens

When Love Happens is the story of a 28 year old UK returnee in Lagos, Mo. Mo returned home four years ago and started working as an events planner where she is responsible for catering entirely to other people's big days (aka w...

a long night

A Long Night

A Long Night is set in a singular household and unfolds as one regular evening turns into a long night when a family of five siblings get attacked by armed robbers. It was intended to be a simple operation but things get compli...

so in love

So In Love

So in Love is supposedly a love story about a guy who falls for the maid to his neighbors. These neighbors turn out to be three young single ladies, two of which fall head over heels for him at first sight. These two, played by...

single married and complicated

Single, Married & Complicated

We began the review for the prequel to this movie by saying "[i]f you go in seeking a magnanimous storyline, sorry but you will be disappointed. If you go in seeking to be thrilled, again you will be disappointed. So go in to w...

separate lives

Separate Lives

At this point, most people who have seen any number of Pascal Amanfo films know what to expect. You should expect to see a lot of beautiful people in beautiful clothes in some sort of an irregular movie. By that I mean that at ...

the perfect plan

The Perfect Plan

I went into this expecting some low level, low-effort rehash of an implausible story but what i got instead was an emotional and character driven story. Neither original nor new, this film took very different paths to a familia...

as crazy as it gets

As Crazy As It Gets

If you are a Bollywood fan then you've seen movies like "Dil Chahta Hai" and "ZNMD" and if you are a Hollywood fan then you've seen "When Harry Met Sally". These movies belong to a beautiful genre of film that I shall hence for...