Native Fowl

Native Fowl

The first half and a quarter of this movie is nothing new, in fact it specifically rehashes over 20 of Mercy Johnson’s past movies. However in the second part it started to get interesting and original. But nothing can save t...

pretty liars

Pretty Liars

After the disappointment of recent movies releases, this movie is a cool balm for any disappointed Nollywood fans. It’s funny, very interesting and definitely puts a shiny beautiful gloss on an old played out trope. The old c...

street angels

Street Angels

This movie is the perfect antithesis to “A Night with the King“. It is everything that movie wasn’t, coherent, interesting and novel.It does the evil Queen thing right and more. These people knew what they were do...

flower girl

Flower Girl

Unfortunately for romantic comedies it is a genre that almost always churns out the exact same storyline and very little can ever be done to add originality or reduce the predictability of the movie. Hence more often than not t...

dumebi in school

Dumebi In School

This is the continuation of the very entertaining ‘Dumebi the Dirty Girl’ and this is no less hilarious. Mercy Johnson never fails to bring the laughs even though I am already tired of this trend set to continue for a while...

Phone Swap

Phone Swap

The movie starts off with Akin - played so convincingly well by Wale Ojo - a tireless and ruthless business man attempting to scale the ladders of corporate success whilst being non-challant of all the little people he might pu...

Ekaette goes to school

Ekaette Goes To School

This movie starts off slow but it gains momentum and holds you captive. Funny and interesting with a side of advocacy this is the second education-is-good film that Ini Edo is doing however this is miles better than the other o...



After seeing so many Venus Films Productions, I have come to the conclusion that any other reasonable person would which is that Venus Films has been making the same movie for a couple years now, over and over again, with diffe...

amanda ebeye

Ugly September

I have been saying for ages that Amanda Ebeye is an undiscovered gem, quietly working behind the recognition of most Nollywood fans and it is perfectly demonstrated here. She has a huge range of acting skills however I will con...


Cheaters Book 2

There are useless movies and there are useless movies and then there is this movie. After the first few minutes of the second in the “cheaters” series you are begging to be rescued. Making it past the first ten minu...