THE NR VISION is to enforce a certain high standard on our arts by celebrating the positive aspects of our industry with the ultimate aim of reinventing the perception of the populace about nollywood.

Nollywood REinvented is an online platform launched on January 22, 2011, that delivers clear and easy to follow reviews on a majority of the recently and afore released African movies.

A majority of the movies reviewed are from Nollywood (Nigerian Movies) and Ghallywood (Ghanaian movies). However, Nollywood REinvented movie reviews are not restricted to these. Occasionally, movies are reviewed that are neither of Ghanaian or Nigerian descent. The only prerequisite for reviewing a movie is that the movie be produced or directed by Africans.

Nollywood REinvented distinguishes herself from other African movie review sites in that we create an avenue for readers to follow a review from start to finish. Now, readers do not have to take the reviewers opinion as is, but the reader can see (through a series of clearly outlined criteria) the reasoning behind the rating.

Nollywood REinvented’s mission is to provide: fairness to the movie maker and honesty to the movie lovers.

We are not a strict unbendable platform and do realize that opinions defer, hence the creation of an avenue for each movie review to have two ratings: the NR rating and the viewer rating (i.e the star rating system located at the start of each review). We also do take into considerations the viewers opinions when viewers/readers leave comments on reviews.

Our pride is in our origin, hence, most of our reviews discard the formal approach and attempt to reach viewers on a natural level.

Our aim is to redefine the industry by flushing out the waste and exalting the talent.

Even though we are a movie review site, we still strongly believe in the arts and therefore promote every part of the following quote by Theodore Roosevelt:

It is not the critic

So…let’s start a revolution

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