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Unfair is an upcoming movie produced and directed by Lummie Edevbie. The movie stars Femi Brainard, Joseph Benjamin, Esther Audu, Bukky Wright, Lanre Curtis alongside Lucy Ameh, Nosa Alakiri, Yakubu Abashiya, Jide Atta, Emmanuel Frances and Winnie Freedman.

SYNOPSIS: Hard-working and hard-flirting real estate agent David Kaura prides himself as one who is true to himself; to him living should be easy and simple and nothing could be simpler than a relationship devoid of commitments. He is soon forced to reconsider he’s principles when by happenstance he meets Batulu.

Now he is ready to commit, only to find out she is soon to be married, and she is his boss Dan Baba’s god-daughter. In the mix is Kemi, David’s colleague and bed-mate, she becomes lovelorn when she discovers David wants to commit to Batulu. She sets out to make David’s life miserable.

The movie was shot on location in Abuja and is a very topical and very down to earth film that captures the intricate fabrics that runs through relationships, and how our lives are often connected in ways we may not yet see.

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