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Playing Safe

Posted May 11, 2013 by in Drama
Playing Safe








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19/ 100

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Synopsis: Three ambitious women put their relationships at risk for the love of money and fear of heartbreak, without any thought as to what devastating consequences lie in store for them.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, Playing Safe, has only one part: Playing Safe part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Yeah, I wanted the BREAST(best) for you"
Cast: Ini Edo, Tonto Dikeh, Martha Ankomah, Jibola Dabor, Chris Okagbue, Ik Ogbonna, Johannes Meyers, Salma Mumin


Wasteful allocation of precious resources

The revival of cinema culture in Nollywood is one that is much commended, however, am I the only one that was hoping that this would be an avenue that highlights only the best in Nollywood? Thinking a movie went to cinemas, in my opinion, is usually an indication that the movie makers spent a lot […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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The revival of cinema culture in Nollywood is one that is much commended, however, am I the only one that was hoping that this would be an avenue that highlights only the best in Nollywood?

Thinking a movie went to cinemas, in my opinion, is usually an indication that the movie makers spent a lot of money making that movie. And maybe it’s bad judgment on my part to assume that an individual would only spend so much money to do something different, revolutionary and/or important.

This movie was none of the above. Sure it was filled with the glitz and the glam so much so that I wanted to get the number for the interior decorator responsible for all these stunning sets, buts strip away the color, the sparkle and the aesthetics there really isn’t any gold to be discovered under this mine.

Playing Safe is supposed to tell the story of three ladies and their numerous affairs with men but it actually comes off as less of a story and more of an omniscient documentary. No emotions are really explored, the story feel is lacking and there’s no room for a connection between the audience and the characters.

The three ladies, Ini, Martha and Tonto were the only ones doing anything close to acting, everyone else on screen just seemed to be occupying space. The only other people who put forth an attempt at actual acting was the owner of the Salon/Tonto’s character’s friend and Martha’s houseboy – who I suspect was intended to be the comic relief, another underdeveloped aspect of this movie.

Having said that, one must not make the mistake of concluding that the three ladies were doing any substantial acting. Martha has a tendency to aggravate me with her overly exaggerated and fake gestures; Tonto and Ini did pull their weight but I’ve definitely seen them do better.

Buried deep in all this terrible acting was a story had been told a million and one times before, but for some reason (judging by the title perhaps) I was kinda hoping that maybe in the end it would all be tied to an amazing moral like Jenifa’s – AIDS is real. But at the end, what happens? Justice is served and a lazy comment in the class of the renowned Nollywood ‘To God Be the Glory’ appears on the screen and the closing credits role.

Some would argue that the movie is a disappointment but for that to happen you’d have to actually have been expecting something. And really, not much can be said for a person who looks at a movie headlined by Tonto, Ini, and Martha and expects ‘astounding’.Playing Safe, 3.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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    Mary Jane

    Ik ogbonna is definitely the hottest actor in nollywood . Finest Nigerian Ent face

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    I cant reconcile your very negative review with the 62%. that score isnt bad for a film review, however you don’t have any positive for the movie in this review.

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      The positives were mentioned in the review but in passing because they really only constitute fluff to backup a non-existent storyline. The point is the production was great, but the movie in and of itself – story, acting, point of actually making the whole movie – was non-existent.

      And unfortunately/fortunately, on NR we have to give points for things done right whilst deducting for those done wrong.

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    I had a feeling that this movie wasnt great afterall,when it didnt make waves in the cinema at all,and the next thing i saw it on iroko Tv,only from the advert on the screen,i sensed somethings,and i wasnt wrong,well NR you are doing a great Job,you say it how it is,and Mary jane talking of Ik,its not about the looks,i just feel and i know Ik isnt a great actor,its not about the looks,there are very good actorsthat i appreciate

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    First and foremost. the effort of shooting a good movie can not be compromised by poor lay abouts who doesn’t have a job,but to sit and talk ill of other peoples hard work.I dare who ever thinks that a movie is not good to try producing a movie,then you will know the amount of effort,money and time that goes into please if you are not satisfied with the jobs that nollywood have to offer,produce your own,lets see how far it can go.dont just sit and condem others HARD WORK.

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    same to you.looser! you are already in a pit.see and see where you belong.low life!
    may you die idol and poor .jobless will never grow like will remain where you are.idiot!

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    Oga Fred, we cant asphyxiate critics out of existence. They put us on our toes as filmmakers. its not an exercise in fault finding. Good artists grow from criticism because a good critic is a chaperon of the arts. i believe the intention is to constructively push serious, committed filmmakers to reach the international scene, My first film ” Married but living single” was reviewed on this platform, my wife read it first and she was mad with the reviewer, because she saw all the obstacles we faced. when i read it, I told her that it is a good review, in fact it made me to change about 14 scenes in the script I am working on. without platforms like this, Nollywood will never improve. we can not deny that our Productions are plagued by technical glitches as a result of the challenges we face, but its no excuse for us not to improve. its a growing industry. We will get to the height of Bolly and Holly.

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      Wow! I never made that connection between you and Married but Living Single. I’d like to say other things but I can’t really add anything your comment is complete in and of itself my only prayer is that other filmmakers begin to think like you.

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    Thank you so much dear. You are doing a good thing. Its actually an insult to a production team to put in a big amount of money and come out with rubbish. Mr fred , you are only insulting your intelligence and not ours. If you must spend that big amount of money,effort and time ,why not come out with something spectacular. Are we suppose to keep praising you for mediocrity and same ol same ol.

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    Hahahaha I loved how the security man dove behind Tonto Dike and kept holding on after she read the letter and repeatedly said “somebody help” when she didn’t even faint. Abeg the jilted lover thing was overused and to me its just plain mean, why not lay all the cards on the table and speak your mind rather than act like a common crook taking a lady’s money and running off? Anyway’s that’s Nollywood’s problem and I sure do hope we have more manly gentlemen than those portrayed in this movie, not justifying the women’s actions either just stating that two wrongs can and will never make a right. Gotta love NR, thumbs up girl 🙂

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