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10 Most Typecast Nollywood Actors

Posted February 8, 2013 by Nollywood REinvented in Features
Ini Edo on set
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The following is a list of overly stereotyped and cliched (aka ‘typecast’) actors in Nollywood, in no particular order:

    1. TONY UMEZ: It is literally impossible to mention actors in Nollywood that have fallen into (what I call) a ‘role ditch’ without bringing up Tony Umez. I can’t recall exactly what movie started the trend for him but I definitely remember that after he acted in “He Lives In Me” alongside Genevieve Nnaji, Emeka Enyiocha, and Muna Obiekwe he assumed this position. In that movie, he played the role of a weak lover (at least, I think so… don’t really remember) and after then he assumed the title “WeakLo”!
    2. NKIRU SYLVANUS: Ble-ble! No I am not bleating like a sheep. For those who watched it (and if you didn’t? Please proceed to bury your head in shame), “A Cry for Help” was not only a tremendously long cyclical film, it was also a point of realization for us. The realization that Nkiru Sylvanus, who played Blessing, could cry. I mean, this lady can cry for Africa! So much so that when she wasn’t crying something seemed out of place

    3. FRANCIS DURU: The perpetual villager. You would think that after acting as a Liberian returnee in that movie with Omotola and Uche, his role might somehow change and we might see him in a different light? No! He still remains the perpetual villager.
    4. PATIENCE OZOKWOR: I remember the first time I saw a movie in which Mama G wasn’t the antagonist. I was in shock! I just sat there and marveled. Wasn’t certain if I should pity her character or encourage the movie’s antagonist to continue ‘antagonizing’ her life for all the evil she ever did to other people in her other movies. It was a very confusing moment for me lol
    5. HANKS ANUKU: That. Voice. Argh! How I absolute haaatttteeee it. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person that likes Hanks’ voice but I’m pretty certain I’m a runner up (if not the winner sef) of the most irritated individual by that voice of his. That voice, plus a gun, plus a pair of sunglasses is all Hanks ever really needs for a movie as he has fallen into the ditch of perpetual shooter/murderer/assassin/THUG!
    6. CHIWETALU AGU: Otelu ugba, otelu ose. I have no clue what that means but we all know Chiwetalu Agu for having a signature phrase in every movie (it’s never the same for any two movies) and always being the devious devil behind all the torments of the protagonist. Otelu ugba, otelu ose. 
    7. KANAYO O. KANAYO: Otherwise known as K.O.K. I don’t know if the initials is the reason for the roles (cos it seems like something a cultist would be named) or the roles highlighted the initials. Whatever the case may be, no body has cut more human heads (because Kanayo doesn’t offer those mellow kind of chicken and goat or tubers of yam kind of sacrifice) in the history of Nollywood than K.O.K.
    8. JIM IYKE: That “One Dollar” movie, entertaining as it might have been, has caused major troubles for all of us (especially Linda Ikeji lol) by highlighting the ‘American-Returnee-Bad-Boy’ in Jim Iyke. Now man pikin no go hear word with the wanna-gonna-finna
    9. VAN VICKER: After dating the president’s daughter back in ’04 (this is a reference to a movie o), Van Vicker unknowingly assumed the position of Nollywood’s official loverboy. This position is one that switches by the year, it was once RMD then Ramsey then Muna then Pat and so on and so forth. I think Van Vicker is near retired, as loverboy, if he hasn’t already retired. The problem now is that most Nollywood actors run away from the lover boy role like it’s a plague. (Probably they think typecasting only happens with loverboy roles – wait till you become typecast as an eternal prince ha!)
    10. And for number 10? You decide! Who is that overly typecast actor or actress that I missed on this list?

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    Number ten should go to yul edochie. Always acting as a prince.

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    Lol @ Otelu ugba, otelu ose. I always wondered what that meant.

    How about Ume Bishop Umoh? – eye rolling borderline imbecile.

    Though not a case of typecasting, I do not remember any movie that I have watched that Mercy Johnson did not shed tears.

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      I don’t know. People keep mentioning Mercy and tears but I’d be quicker to associate her with slut type roles than tears so I don’t think she’s that bad and Ime, lol, he hasn’t acted enough movies to be type cast as anything other than RAA – dedicated

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    oh wow, 2. Blessing, brings back childhood memories, Them days, the entire compound gather around one t.v and watch a movie in the evening and the mosquitoes feast on us ahahaha. ooooh so that’s the name of the movie A Cry for Help. Yep, she can definitely cry. Mercy J. can cry buckets too but, for some reason she does not fit a type-cast role for crying.
    Haha Mama G – that is soo true. It just feel out of place to see her play the kind character pahaha.
    mh don’t get me started on Van V.
    What about Chika Ike? always playing side roles?

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    I’ve not been treated to this much hilarity in a long while! Otelu ugba otelu ose. Whatever it means, I’m going to start using it! By the way, I agree with you 100%. And, oh, otelu ugba otelu ose!

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    what about Funke Akindele and her comic ways of speaking english? lol@ Nkiru… yes that lady can cry like tomorrow no dey o

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    Oge Okoye is so typecast as bad girl roles more than any actress I was surprised to know the first movie I have seen sister Mary she was a good girl. I am always seeing as a bad girl who join cult, do runs or doing some ritual stuff.

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    Mercy johson runs girl or house girl.

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