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Temi Nikan

Posted January 16, 2013 by in Drama
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4.8/ 10

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Genre: ,
Synopsis: Captain Ayoku: Gbenga Oyeyiga wanted his dreams to come to existence like every young and hard working man. Mum: Joke Muyiwa also wanted the best for the captain, her son, so also the rest of the family...
Parts/Divisions: The movie "Temi Nikan" has only one part: Temi NIkan part 1
Cast: Joke Muyiwa, Adebayo Salami, Bolaji Amusan, Odunlade Adekola, Toyin Aimakhu, Gbenga Oyeyiga
Introduction: I'm very picky about the Yoruba movies I see (for no special reason other than the obvious), the final motivator for me to see this movie was that it was directed by the same person who directed "Ayekooto"


I didn't see the end coming. You might. But I didn't


The production quality was sub-standard

All Yoruba movies are comedies. If that wasn’t the intended genre, then the subtitles make them so.

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [3 out of 5]

In the beginning, I didn’t think the movie was so hot. It didn’t seem like all that at all. The continuity, progression, the storyline I was building up in my head to make it all cohesive, nothing made that much sense. I couldn’t understand why there was so much hype surrounding the movie. But when the movie ends and you have that ‘aha’ moment, it all comes together.

-Originality: [3 out of 5]

Now, it’s not that fascinating at all to be honest. It’s not like it’s anything Nollywood hasn’t seen before. But then again, that is ‘nollywood’ and apparently yollywood (the yoruba movie industry) is a whole other ball game.

-Predictability: [4 out of 5]

Ok! I honestly didn’t see the end coming, not for this movie at least (if it was a Patience Ozokwor film then… ehen, I would have guessed it). I suspected everyone but the actual culprit so well done for detracting attention from the actual culprit through the movie.

-Directing/Editing: [1 out of 5]

My problem with this movie, as with most other Yoruba movies, is with the subtitling. I said earlier on twitter (and this was obviously in jest) that all Yoruba movies are comedies. If that wasn’t the intended genre, then the subtitles make them so. This movie’s case wasn’t as bad but some movies so skew the subtitles that what is going on on screen and the story propagated by the subtitles are like two different sides of a coin. The subtitles in this movie were correct 90% of the time, absent 8% of the time, and grammatically incorrect for the other 2%.
As regards the general directing and production in the movie, the continuity was a bit questionable at some points (although, it’s all tied together at the end). I can see the effect the director was going for and even though he achieved something close, he could have done so much better.
-Acting quality: [3 out of 5]

I found the Yoruba Yul Edochie!!! In the person of Odunlade Adekola – and if you think they look nothing alike then please go and hug a transformer :). Lol but back to the matter, I was really impressed by some of the actors in this Yoruba flick especially the lady that plays the sailor’s mother and, my Yoruba Yul Edochie, Mr. Adekola. Other people in this movie were able to hold their own well enough. But those two were definitely the standouts in my opinion

-Setting: [1.5 out of 5]

Didn’t like most of the sets. They looked cheap. They looked scanty. All in all they all looked too unreal

-Costume/Make-Up: [1.5 out of 5]

Not bad

-Props and Graphics: [2 out of 5]


-Video Quality: [1.5 out of 5]

Subpar video quality

-Audio Quality [2 out of 5]

Occasionally inconsitent

-Soundtrack: [3 out of 5]

Not at all bad

-Musical Score: [3 out of 5]

Nicely done


Odunlade Adekola

Temi Nikan, 5.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    Lol, yoruba subtitling kills me everytime. Dem nor dey try at all

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    Ah no i dont agree, dem don dey try o.check out 2012 movies like eefa by toyin aimakhu,asita ibon(stray bullet) by wale lawal igboya (boldness)by bimbo oshin etc and you will know how improved yollywood have gotten.try n see and review them.

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    Who sang the song played in temi nikan????…..I really like the song been looking for it

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