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lost highway

Lost Highway

I think Tchidi was able to play off the film's absolute lack of actual actors by putting three amazing acts in the lead. In my opinion, Rita Dominic's acting prowess compensated for the millions lacking in that of all the extra...



'Hamza' was the first Hausa movie I ever saw (and last) and I'm not certain it really counts as an Hausa/Kannywood movie because most of the dialogue was in English, but for argument sake, let's call it an Hausa movie.


Cat In The Palace

I knew there was a problem when this movie started and the opening credits had the picture of a cat (with actual mewing sound effects)


Breath of Love

It's a nice story with an amazing moral that teaches a life lesson, but it's a boring overly prolonged with too many unnecessary scenes. Now if you could take that amazing moral, cut out any scene that is irrelevant (which woul...



The movie Scorned was done in 2008, Checkmate in 2010 and Adams Apples in 2011/2, and that, in a nutshell, is my succession of toleration for Shirley movies.


Sister of Virtue

In as much as I thought it was a good storyline (fairly entertaining and a simple way to spend one's time), I also think it's a bit overdone. To state it simply, it's enough. Let's stop making predictable, overdone stories and ...

wrong target

Wrong Target

John Dumelo, o dear Dumelo. I have to say again here that John Dumelo did as John Dumelo does. But there's a question that has been on my mind for a while. It's an open question so you answer it. Since Adams Apples, has anyone ...

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When Kings Decide

I won't say Ugezu can't act per say because he keeps giving himself the same 'igbotic' roles to play in all his movies so I highly doubt that he's doing much acting versus being himself. Infact, I don't think his acting capacit...


The Advocate

Down there with Nollywood USA movies, are Nigerian Christian movies for me. To state it simply, I don't like Nigerian Christian movies and I'll tell you why.


Tears For Lisa

To state it simply, many people in this movie could not act. Most were just floating with their roles.