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Married But Single

Posted November 24, 2012 by in Drama









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SYNOPSIS: Secrets are exposed within the household of a young couple as different issues begin to arise from infidelity to supposed barrenness.
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to Married but Single is called "War Against Women". The movie has four parts: Married but single part 1 and part 2 then War Against women part 1 and part 2
Cast: Martha Ankomah, Eddie Watson, Christabel Ekeh, Maryjane Okeye, Eddie Ofori
Introduction: First it was Joseph Benjamin and Funke Akindele in "Married but Living Single" and then it was Yvonne Nelson and Co. with "Single and Married" and now it is "Married but Single". Apparently, there holds an appeal in juxtaposing two extremely different groups of individuals. And the makers of these three movies must have realized this, why else would three different movies in one year choose to be confusing us all with overly similar titles?




Just a very difficult movie to watch

Was watching this movie with someone who after 10 minutes just looked at me and asked “So… what is the point of this movie?”

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [0 out of 5] *silence* I just tire… honestly, warrisdis (what is this?). Was watching this movie with someone who after 10 minutes just looked at me and asked “So… what is the point of this movie?” I have never seen a more haphazard concoction in the name of film in my entire life (that one na lie… I’ve seen worse). Too many things did not make sense. Many sequences were out of place. And I have a feeling “War Against Women” should come before “Married but Single” but no one can tell because the entire thing is just all over the place. Scenes that make absolutely no sense. Ridiculously cliche’d dead metaphor lines……Describe this movie in one word: “warrisdis?”


-Originality: [0 out of 5] Originally confusing


-Predictability: [1 out of 5] I don’t think this will be a question for most people because I highly doubt that many people will make it that far into the movie


-Directing/Editing: [0 out of 5] Not everyone was born to make film sha. The miraculous thing about it all is how the director/producer/story writer/screenwright is able to stretch this emptiness for 4 parts? Horrible directing… horrible directing…. HORRIBLE DIRECTING! And then you might want to add horrible continuity, horrible directing, complete lack of research, horrible directing, horrible editing, horrible directing and just sheer ridiculousness


-Acting quality: [0 out of 5] Lord. Have. Mercy! Warrisdis? We dey talk say Eddie Watson no sabi act supporting-supporting-supporting actor na eem una come dash am lead role? Warrisdis? Beht why? 

Martha who is usually able to concoct some tiny amount of what man go fit manage call acting just beyond fell hand in this movie. Again I ask, warrisdis?

Asides from Eddie and Martha who on their own were torture enough. All the other extras in this movie just served to nail Christ to the cross all over again. Warrisdis?


-Setting: [3 out of 5] Ok


-Costume/Make-Up: [2 out of 5] Not bad


-Props and Graphics: [2 out of 5] Even after all the sound effects for Eddie’s act of supposedly slapping Martha, we could all still see that his hands weren’t even making contact with her skin. Yes, I know! It is acting and he isn’t actually trying to beat Martha up but ‘act well na’ warrisdis?


-Video Quality: [2 out of 5] Fair


-Audio Quality [3 out of 5] Good


-Soundtrack: [1 out of 5] Unoriginal soundtrack that isn’t credited in the closing credits


-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Ok


Married But Single, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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