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Director: ,
Synopsis: A Nigerian student studying abroad in the USA worries about life after graduation. She is not legally allowed to stay in the country but at the same time is determined not to return back to Nigeria.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, "X-Class" has only one part: X-Class part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Your pictures are nice! Are you a model or just beautiful?
Cast: JJ Bunny, John Dumelo, Christy Okonkwo, Ngozi Ezeonu, Anthony Monjaro


Possibly one of the better JJ Bunny movies ever made


Still possesses the annoying traits of all JJ Bunny movies

One thing about JJ Bunny is that even though her movies don’t ever come off as fantastic as they have the potential to be, she always tries to expose the other side of the story:

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [3 out of 5] Now, it is no news that I’m not a fan of the Nollywood USA ‘franchise?’ but one thing about JJ Bunny is that even though her movies don’t ever come off as fantastic as they have the potential to be, she always tries to expose the other side of the story: every one wants to come to America? Well, she tells you what happens after you eventually get your visa, after you’ve eventually gotten that your ‘uncle’ to pay for your ticket, after your flight has arrived in Houston. She tells the other side of the story but the execution could do with so much more work


-Originality: [2 out of 5] The storyline in itself is not exactly ingenious but it’s still considerably original (at least when you compare it to your average ‘royal’ movie). Regardless, the motifs of gossipping, backstabbing, resorting to ‘whorishness’ is something we’ve seen too many times, and honestly speaking, is becoming a bit annoying


-Predictability: [2 out of 5] The end I’d imagined for this movie is that she finds Christ, goes to church one sunday and meets one Brother Sunday who tells her that ‘God told him that she would be his wife’, they get married and so on and so forth. Obviously, the movie did not end like that (which I thank God for) but it still followed a cliched path and had an almost cliched ending.


-Directing/Editing: [2 out of 5] Props to Ikechukwu Onyeka, my respect for him has been steadily increasing since he did “Mr and Mrs“. I think the movie had good cinematography and I loved that it was in two parts but the ridiculous thing about the movie comes from the casting. After seeing the graduation scene with which the movie opened, I was of the impression that she was graduating from college. As the movie progressed, however, I was made to realize that she had only graduated from High School. Now, whose genius idea was it to cast JJ Bunny and the lace front crew as high school graduates… therefore, teenagers? Or people in their very very early 20s at worst? In which world does that make sense? Who are you trying to deceive? After I realized that they were supposed to be teenagers, the movie just stopped making sense to me. It was extremely unrealistic and a bit insulting to think anyone would believe that they were teenagers. My second problem is that the igbo was not subtitled.


-Acting quality: [1 out of 5] Like most other JJ Bunny movies, the cast of this movie was supplemented by a couple extended guest appearances by John, Christy, Ngozi and Anthony (I say ‘Guest Appearances’ because I refuse to refer to the little scenes the actors acted in this movie as actually acting in the movie). I won’t go in again about how much I don’t think JJ can act (because I am beginning to sound like a broken record). Let’s just say that the movie would be that much less watchable without the guest appearances.


-Setting: [3 out of 5] Loved the settings, mostly on point. Shot mostly in Houston with some scenes in Nigeria.


-Costume/Make-Up: [3 out of 5] Good


-Props and Graphics: [2 out of 5] The problem with the props comes from all the letters and written material in this movie. Just because a letter has a medicaid logo on the top left and a big fat enlarged picture of a stethoscope copied from Google Images (and I know cos I’ve used this same image a million and one times in presentations) does not make the letter look official. In fact, the stethoscope touch made it look tacky. Then there was this letter sent to JJ’s character after her car had been repossessed that said: “due to lack of payment your car, pictured here, has been repossess


-Video Quality: [4 out of 5] Well done


-Audio Quality [2 out of 5] Had to put my hands on remote


-Soundtrack: [2 out of 5] Loved the songs but they were not originals for the movie. Which would be fine if the actual singer was credited somewhere within the movie or at the closing credits. Songs used include: Vitamin C’s ‘Graduation’, P-Square’s “Possibility” and 2face’s “Outside”


-Musical Score: [2 out of 5] What I’m beginning to notice on many low budget movies nowadays is that they seem to think that it’s okay to use the score by Enya from the movie ‘Braveheart’ as their own movie’s musical score. Don’t get me wrong it sounds great but that’s theft (or isn’t it?)


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    lol shiken!!! #classic

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    She has “dead eyes” which makes it hard for me to like her acting as well!

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