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Synopsis: Four University students decide to play games with life and fate takes an unexpected turn as nature proves its relevance
Parts/Divisions: The movie, Aiyekooto, is divided into only two parts: Aiyekooto part 1 and part 2
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "A child once complained to his friend: 'I don't understand my parents'. And the friend asked: 'what did your parents do?' The child replied: 'Since I was born, my parents have been trying to get me to learn how to talk and walk. And now that I've finally learned how to talk and walk, all they ever say to me is 'sit down there' and 'keep quiet'"
Cast: Jide Kosoko, Dele Odule, Muyiwa Ademola, Femi Adebayo, Ibrahim Chatta, Wale Akorede, Afeez Eniola, Kabira Kafidipe, Bisi Komolafe


A very different kind of Yoruba movie


Bad audio quality

-Story: [4 out of 5] Ah ah! If na so Yoruba film be make I begin make list o… wetin? When I started the movie, I had no intention of finishing it that day. Someone requested a review on facebook, I was just going to press play and get a feel of the movie and […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [4 out of 5] Ah ah! If na so Yoruba film be make I begin make list o… wetin? When I started the movie, I had no intention of finishing it that day. Someone requested a review on facebook, I was just going to press play and get a feel of the movie and probably watch it weeks later (as they were other things I had to do and other movies I had to review first). But as soon as I pressed play, I was hooked. It does not look or feel like your typical Yoruba movie. Here’s a shocker… Aiyekooto (which means ‘Parrot’ by the way for all those non-Yoruba speakers like myself) is gripping (not so much at the end as it was in the beginning). It’s entertaining.


-Originality: [4 out of 5] I definitely haven’t ever seen this storyline before (…who would have thought that I’d be saying that about a Yoruba movie of all things)


-Predictability: [5 out of 5] I dare you to predict! Ahhhhh when you are not a sooth sayer. Please, put your crystal ball back jare. It won’t help you here. Me sef I was feeling like a G after everyone was just saying ‘suspense’ ‘suspense’ ‘suspense’, ‘Aiyekooto is sooo full of suspense’… so I was feeling like one all predicting Nollywood G thinking… ‘how suspenseful can it be? No be Yoruba film again! Abegi, the best they can do is end it and tell me IT WAS ALL A DREAM’. You can guess that prediction flew out of the window (My G status has now been revoked)


-Directing/Editing: [2 out of 5] Here’s where the problem comes in for me. I commend them on attempted cinematography, some really amazing camera motions in there and I also commend them for making a movie in 2 parts… e no easy. And before I forget it, I commend them for making a juju-less, shouting-less Yoruba movie. E no easy (if person say e easy, make him go try am). But my problem is with the subtitles. Kudos to them though cos there was only one grammatical error in the subtitles for this movie from part one to two (if you know anything about Yoruba movies, you know that this in itself is a feet) but the subtitles were not 100% complete. There were some parts that were left without subtitles and I don’t know about you but for people like me who like to feel ‘among’, being left out bothers me.


-Acting quality: [4 out of 5] Ahhhhh! All hail Baba D (D for Dozen). Yeh! E easy? E no easy jare… see as the guy dey name him pickin dem one by one “Owolayo… Owofunmi… Owokemi” (I don’t know much Yoruba but I know that the prefix “owo” in those names mean money… and that’s where the joke resides). Loved allllll the actors in this movie from Femi to Ibrahim to Muyiwa to Afeez… job well done! I was happy to see Jide Kosoko again. I haven’t seen him since he abandoned English movies for Yoruba movies a couple years back. Cameo by movie director, Adebayo Tijani, as the bank manager. Not a single messup in acting for this movie.


-Setting: [4 out of 5] Amazing


-Costume/Make-Up: [3 out of 5] Well done


-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] On Point (all these actors who can’t hold guns though… and I’m expected to believe they are ‘professional assassins’?)


-Video Quality: [2 out of 5] It was really impressive for a Yoruba movie, but I’ve seen better


-Audio Quality [1 out of 5] I guess reality had to check somewhere right? The audio was extremely inconsistent (at least it was on the one I watched)


-Soundtrack: [4 out of 5] Loved it! Loved it!! Loved it!!! Ahh Yollywood is really stepping up though


-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Nicely done

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    Babes well done. Please where can we see this to watch? Please tell me is on iRoko?

    Btw, God is watching the producer of BBB Season two, those watchers deceiving people on twitter and iRoko for rating that crap 4 stars.WTH(Welcome to Facebook)

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      Lmao at your WTH (I guess you mean WTF) and Welcome to Facebook! Ah… I a thiefing that right now, so don’t be shocked when you see me using it.

      Noooo oh! I apologize, Aiyekooto is not on irokotv

      Haha, I’m telling you. May God deliver us from those people who will hail every crappy movie Nollywood produces

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    LPS keypads won’t stop disgracing me sha.Anyway you got the gist.
    🙁 @ not on iRokotv

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    Check out temi nikan by gbenga oyeyiga starring toyin aimakhu joke muyiwa etc its online and you will enjoy it

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    laide say i enjoyed this movie is an understatement…this movie made me proud. and to all my friends that keep saying i shud stop watching yoruba movies coz we are in the uk..they had to swallow their words after seeing this.

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    Ayekooto is the best yoruba movie have atlèast for d past 5yrs,d storyline is 110% perfect,d actors n actresses interpretéd it so well,d productn was perfect,d song was ok,d suspense hmmm was wat i enjoyéd most,cant get tiréd of seeing the movie,bt nw dat Bisi Komolafe is late i feel sad y watching it R.I.P,anyway deserve awards,thumbs up writer Sharafadeen Olabode and d director Ádebayo Tijani u guys r one of the best.

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