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Drop of Blood

Posted August 4, 2012 by in Drama
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Genre: ,
SYNOPSIS: Two women lose their husbands six months apart after mysterious illnesses. When their children also start dying in mysterious circumstances it is time to seek for a solution.
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to the movie, Drop of Blood, is called "Mother's Cult". The sequel to the movie, Mother's cult, is called "Stone of tears". The movie has six parts, namely Drop of blood part 1 and 2, then Mother's cult part 1 and 2, then stone of tears part 1 and 2.
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Pain is not something you get used to. But something you're forced to live with because you have no choice" "Nowadays, a patient dog dies of hunger and other dogs use it for food" "Since when did the tortoise not know the weight of its own shell" - Patience Ozokwor (as Obidiya)
Cast: Ngozi Ezeonu, Patience Ozokwor, Mike Ezuruonye, Chigozie Atuanya, Camilla Mberekpe, Dagunro, Ernest Obi, Emeka Ani, Chizzy Alichi, Lizzy Onuwaje
Introduction: Paul (Chigozie Atuanya): Who is that? Gabriel (Mike Ezuruonye): Mazi Okeke's daughter. Nkechi Elega'm face.... With that her cow shit face that she keeps shooting up like one Abakaliki Masquerade

For the most part, the underlying poverty storyline is one that we’ve seen before but with a bit of a difference this time.

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [4 out of 5] Six. Parts! Chai… tufiakwa unu(God forbid)… lol. Alright on a serious note, this movie might have been in six parts but it was entertaining every minute of it (disgusting at many parts, but entertaining).


-Originality: [1 out of 5] For the most part, the underlying poverty storyline is one that we’ve seen before but with a bit of a difference this time.


-Predictability: [3 out of 5] Not in so many words… let’s just say that it’s not what you’d expect of a movie like this.


-Directing/Editing: [1 out of 5] Alright? Six parts??? Uturu gbagbuo gi eba u Ernest lol (fancy igbo for God punish you there). I think the real shocker for me was that I managed to sit through it all and it really wasn’t that painful. Regardless, not many people are going to sit through all of this and it’s just not acceptable to make a movie in 6 parts (what is that? 6 -8 hours? Haba.. even if na ROOTS). The cast broke into igbo in many scenes and I thought that those scenes should have been subtitled for the non-igbo viewers. A big kudos however to the casting director. Casting the igbo-est of the igbo boys in Nollywood, Chigozie Atuanya, alongside the original wonderboy*, Mike Ezuruonye, was just pure genius (* – Wonderboy was the character played by Mike Ezuruonye in the movie “The Celebrity).


-Acting quality: [4 out of 5] After seeing Chigozie Atuanya and Mike Ezuruonye in this movie… I think I want a very igbotic and razz husband (I mean GQ with igbo swag). I want that konk… igbo kwenu style… Gba gbuo that American accent. Gba gbuo that fle fle fle they speak in the name of British accent. Gba gbuo everything…. I want me a villager (‘gba gbuo’ is igbo for ‘fashee’ which is pidgin for ‘forget about…’). Lmao alright on a serious note though Chigozie and Mike literally murdered the roles. They were effortless. They were inspiring. I mean these guys were so good that as soon as they finally got rich. I paused my movie and did a dance. I’m not talking stanky-leg Americana style… Nna… I straight up azonto’ed out of joy. The drama was so well developed that you could relate with the pain. The viewer literally goes through the sorrows with the actors so much so that when they finally get relief, we too are relieved. And then Mama G and Aunty Ngozi… ah ah!!! Practice they say makes perfect. Mindblowing combination. Effortless chemistry. They were like sisters in the movie but they played it like they were sisters in real life too. Hmmm…. see the stylistic return of Ernest Obi. All these actors tryna pull a comeback in 2012 though? #NoComments. Camilla Mberekpe! This lady literally lights up my screen. The ‘tea or coffee’ queen is just a bundle of jokes and it’s really sad that the non-igbo viewers missed out on the humor. Cos most of the funny stuff weren’t said in English (e.g. calling someone ‘onye ofe mmanu’ is much more painful than calling them ‘palm oil person’). The girl who played ‘Nkechi Elegha’m face*’ (Elegha’m face – igbo for ‘look at my face’) had really weak acting skills (to state it kindly). If not anything, the casting in this movie was superb and the actors killed it (except Nkechi elegha’m face… she was too busy looking at her face). Who knew Mama G could speak Yoruba too? Ah ah… Aunty anyi (our aunty), you too much sha o. Truly truly ‘Mama G. G for General. General in Lagos. Aba. Abakaliki. London. US…’


-Setting: [3 out of 5] Well done especially with the native doctor’s shrine


-Costume/Make-Up: [4 out of 5] Outstanding job by Akeem Onilogbo… I was thoroughly disgusted.


-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] From red sea to flying vulture, work was put in and even though it wasn’t perfect it wasn’t sub par.


-Video Quality: [3 out of 5] Ok


-Audio Quality [2 out of 5] Suddenly mutes at some intervals


-Soundtrack: [3 out of 5] Good


-Musical Score: [4 out of 5] Amazing


Drop of Blood, 6.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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    i watched all 6 parts too!! it was honestly the boys and their mothers chemistry that got me thru it. was believable

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    I have just watched to part 4 and I cant wait to see the last 2 parts. It has been entertaining so far.

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    I watched all six parts I say this the ending was amazing and took me off guard. Both mothers and son chemistry was so believable you almost feel as though I was on the journey with them. It had echoes living in bondage classic edge in the movie. I agree please directors do subtitle bits in other languages in English to a least enjoy it more. I would like to show my friends this movie but they would have understood camilie jokes in Igbo that made laugh out tears. and patience Yoruba questions and answer time at the native doctor. I think this movie deserve some remake to it. like have a classic version where the language spoken will be in English throughout have Nkechi Elegha’m bits cut out entirely just a little voiceover by dakore egbouson just referencing that character that’s all. the native language spoken should be subtitled in English. it can be presented as a showcase movie in the year 2013 as a traditional movie.

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