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    The Date
    one moment in time

The Date

The Date

The movie was not a 'romance' it was a 'drama', but it was not just that. It was in the category of what I have come to believe is the most annoying genre of dramas which is the 'series of unfortunate events' kind. In the begin...
one moment in time
love triangle
Miss Teacher
when love happens

When Love Happens

When Love Happens is the story of a 28 year old UK returnee in Lagos, Mo. Mo returned home four years ago and started working as an events planner where she is responsible for catering entirely to other people's big days (aka w...
gbomo gbomo express
if tomorrow never comes
 Nolly USA
black roess

Black Roses

It is not a secret that I'm not the biggest advocate of Nollywood in USA movies. In my opinion, the entire genre (if you can call it that) should be flushed because I'm yet to see a single one done well.
Exposure full story


It is always nice to hear a different language in a Nollywood film from the usual Igbo or Yoruba. However this film bills itself as an English language film, it isn't about 70% of the film is in Ibibio. It is subtitled perfectl...
igbotic love