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  • wiki africa

    #HighlightingTheBright – The Nollywood Wiki

    The purpose of this segment is to shine a light for those lesser known individuals who are doing great things for nollywood or in nollywood. We’re highlighting the bright.  Have you ever googled a movie and seen that li...
  • half of a yellow sun

    FREE DVD-Screening Copy of Half of A Yellow Sun!

    As many of you know the star studded Nollywood-British collabo movie, HOAYS (Half of a yellow sun) is set to release in Nigerian cinemas on Saturday April 12th, 2014. And as many Nigerians in the diaspora have probably guessed ...
  • osuofiainlondon

    5 Reasons Your Movie is Screwed Before We See The Trailer: The Poster

    Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post might not apply to every movie watcher on earth. The views expressed in this post are not specific for any single industry. The odds of the views expressed in this post applying to ...
  • trophy

    The Business of Awards

    or most of the world the period between the last couple weeks of December and the first quadrant of the new year is dubbed Award Season. In that short span, every industry has their biggest awards sometimes back to back of each...
  • international-womens-day-4-600x300

    Top 8 Most Inspiring Women in Nollywood

    oday, March 8th 2014, is regarded worldwide as International Women’s Day. In the spirit of celebrating women, NR has compiled a list of women in Nollywood who have found a way to manage significance outside the regular g...
  • AMVCA-Trophy-Tour-Nairobi-1

    Let’s Talk About the AMVCAs

    I read an article recently by  our very own Richard Odilu in which he touches on the viewer’s choice nature of the AMVCAs. He brings up a valid argument which is, are the winners of this year’s AMVCAs going to be t...
  • flip

    #HighlightingTheBright – FLIP: a short film

    The purpose of this segment is to shine a light for those lesser known individuals who are doing great things for nollywood or in nollywood. We’re highlighting the bright. FLIP is a simple short film by Dimbo Atiya. Its ...
  • Afrinolly-Awards-Lions-Rising-640x360

    Afrinolly Awards Happened For A Reason

    “I will definitely re-invest the money into another project”, Florian Schott, the Namibian whose short film ‘Everything Happens for  a Reason’ which won the biggest film-making prize in the Afrinolly Short Film Competi...
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    brother's keeper
  • 63%
    bloody night
    street angels
  • Love or Something Like that
  • 46%
    flower girl
  • wiki africa
  • 46%
    northern affair

bloody night

Bloody Night

I’m not really enamoured with this new practice of making viewers wait days before releasing a direct sequel. I can understand the reason for the decision but all it does is make the movie appear disjointed. Instead of judgin...
street angels
a night with the king
ghetto queen
brother's keeper

Brother’s Keeper

There are not many nollywood movie trailers that I watch nowadays, first of all, but then even after that, I can count on one hand how many of them I have gotten excited about. Brother’s Keeper was one of the few that had...
flower girl
northern affair
 Nolly USA
black roess

Black Roses

It is not a secret that I'm not the biggest advocate of Nollywood in USA movies. In my opinion, the entire genre (if you can call it that) should be flushed because I'm yet to see a single one done well.
Exposure full story

Unforgivable (Ainidariji)

After reading the synopsis for unforgivable I had lofty ideas in my head so imagine my surprise when the movie started and for 30-45 minutes I was accosted with the typical Yoruba movie presentation. Those 30-45 minutes were an...
omo iya kan
temi nikan